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The race to 85

This was going to be a response to a gratz post to our first lvl 85, but I realised it sounded snarky. Which it isn’t mean to be, more a reflection on how I’m approaching this expansion.

I was reading somewhere that the first 85 took 5.5 hours…

During the last expansion, our guild had a few people racing for server first lvl 80/class, and the amount of pre-farming and preparation they put in was amazing. And in top level guilds there are the levelling teams just to get there first and hit the raids first.

I am glad I can stop and relax this time around. So much of last expac was full of people saying “Don’t finish that zone, there’s better XP in this zone!” etc, and I’m enjoying *reading* the quests, laughing at the conversations between the npcs and just standing around looking at the view for once. All of which take time away from ‘levelling’ but I don’t want to be told I should ‘move along, there’s better xp elsewhere’ I just want to stop and take in the view…

We’ll all be 85 in a few weeks, so don’t stress about being first – just enjoy the journey getting there.


One response to “The race to 85

  1. Angelya December 9, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    Great advice. Releasing just a few weeks before Christmas was a bit mean of them really, since plenty of people are in exams/busy with work/social christmas type stuff and haven't got time or energy for power-leveling!

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