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This week in pictures

Archeaology raptor mount fun!

I noticed Darwin dancing, I joined him and got an achievement 🙂

Deadmines heroic

Deadmines heroic. FInally got to Vanessa without a server restart.

Grim Batol heroic. Lots of druid CC.

Halls of Orgination. I love these rooms.

Lost City heroic. Last boss down, no mana, almost no health… eep!

Stonecore heroic. Worm boss, how I hate thee.

Stonecore heroic. This guy rocks. (haha)

Throne of tides heroic. First time I’d been there.

More Throne of tides.

Throne of tides again – very pretty place.

Vortex Pinnacle. Perhaps my favourite heroic.

One response to “This week in pictures

  1. Shelinda December 20, 2010 at 8:47 am

    Gz on the mount! It looks a little like a chicken lol…I also wanna go hc's soon, I really hate pug's so im waiting for enough guild members to get gear so we can go together =)And last: Yes, Throne of the Tides is a really pretty place, I love it! ^^// Shelinda91 @Twitter

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