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Been quiet over Christmas with the usual festivities, but I have been pottering away on my guides bit by bit.

A fellow druid found this great druid macro post over at Dreambound: And although the guildie found it all a bit confusing, I think it’s great – some fabulous clearly laid out and well explained macro templates specifically for druids. Great stuff.

Also we got an amazing Christmas present from our guild! An awesome little package including fireworks, potions of illusion and a treasure finding potion. Having never used these before, Shigeko and I were delighted and spent an hour each farming to see what we got.

You get a buff that lasts an hour, and through death:

Treasure finding buff

And then as you farm, you find little treasure chests, that have a variety of possible items. Mine contained some extra gold, and then sometimes also some cloth, and also sometimes some random volatiles, like this:

Tiny treasure chest

I didn’t count how many I found while farming, somewhere between 6 and 10 would be my guess. But it was a fun  way to spice up your farming. Thanks to LoLS and Epiaa for organising such a great Winters Veil gift!

One response to “Updates

  1. Nardelan December 29, 2010 at 12:47 am

    Yes, big thanks to Epiaa and the guild – the Christmas present in the mail was an awesome idea 🙂 Will have to take the Treasure Finding potion for a test run when i go farming for skins.

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