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Soloing heroic UP and DTK

On the weekend I soloed heroic Utgarde Pinnacle and Drak’Tharon Keep. No surprise that DTK was pretty easy, but h-UP raised a few hairy moments. Trash in both instances was straight forward, so I’ll just chat about the bosses.

Utgarde Pinnacle

Svala Sorrowgrave

I started out in cat form, eager to dps her down as quickly as possible before her air phase. This was probably a bad move, I kind of forgot I’d be stunned during the air phase and would take unavoidable damage from a large sword falling on my head. I’d recommend making sure you are topped up before this phase.

The sensation was beyond my imagining. Or something.

I didn’t actually die, but in hindsight it would have been better to be at full health for the sword. In any case, I killed her in her next ground phase.

Gortok Palehoof

He was a simple fight, tanked the adds and him in bear form. Discovered lots of aibilites I didn’t know the adds had because we always killed them so fast at 80. But nothing worthy of wipeage.

Who even knew the worm mini boss calls adds?

Skadi the Ruthless

This is where things heated up. Skadi’s gauntlet was painful because I had to keep stopping and gathering up the harpoons as I went. The gauntlet adds don’t do a *huge* amount of damage, but you want to be pretty much at full health when you pull Skadi down, so I took it fairly slowly and only took on 4-5 of them at once.

As soon as I had 4 harpoons I positioned myself near the launchers ready for his proximity emote. If I had too many adds up this was messy, as it pops me out of bear form when using the harpoon lanchers. Nonetheless, I ran along and fired each off in sequence and then back to the centre one for a fourth shot to ensure he landed. I then shifted back into bear form and Beserked, to burn all of the adds down while concentrating on Skadi.

It's just you and me, Skadi.

Once the leftover adds died, it’s much simpler. His whirlwind still hurts, I had to run out of that, but other than that it was just self healing through his melee and poison bolts.

King Ymiron

Ymiron was a challenge. The first time I attmpted him, I had him at about 1% when I died.

He has two abilities that  you need to watch for. Firstly Dark slash, which halves your current health. Needless to say, the first time he did that I freaked out. He seemed to do it about once per active phase. Don’t panic, as long as you keep yourself on enough health to wear his incidental damage and Bane, you don’t need to be topped up.

The other ability that may cause you issues is Bane. In 5 mans, we usually did enough damage that we forced him into his RP phases without ever casting it, but soloing him I think he cast it every phase. Basically once he’s buffed with Bane he’ll pulse a shadow damage aura if you do any direct damage to him. That’s not an issue unless you’re on low health, and I always was on low health by the final phase.

One trick I did use was my pvp trinket. I’d brought it with me to try it on Keleseth in UK, so I equipped it and tried it in Ymiron. It will pop you out of the stun he uses when RPing. I got to use it twice by using it on the first and then the final stun. I broke the stun, flipped into caster form and strafed away from him hotting myself. Then I shifted back into bear form when he got close.

Apart from that it’s the usual – kill the ghost adds with aoe (who even knew he did that!?), kite him away from the orbs, and try not to hit him when he’s Baned.

Ronalf of the screaming RP, save me from this heroic.

Drak’Tharon Keep


Care in clearing Trollgore’s room; I got a bit carried away by charging  in there. I got a bit low on health.

Trollgore himself was a simple tank and spank. I did edge away from his troll corpses to avoid being corpse exploded upon, but nothing too dramatic.

Clearing Trollgore's room

Novos the Summoner

Novos bugged out for me. I’m not sure why, but he never popped his dome, and he remained active all of phase one – spamming frost bolts and blizzards, throwing around curses and calling waves of zombies… as well as the usual 4 crystal handlers and undead from the stairs. Of course, he wasn’t polite enough to allow me to retaliate, he was still un-targetable.

This made the fight more difficult than I anticipated, but nonetheless it was the usual: kill the crystal handlers, offtank the rest of the rubbish, then kill him.

King Dred

Dread was fine – I was concerned about his fear and his bleed (that won’t go away until you’re topped off) but it wasn’t too bad. I popped Beserk to break his first fear and that also helped burn down the extra raptors that he called. I tanked him well outside his area, but he called them anyway, so I assume I couldn’t avoid them without clearing his whole space. Popped my mitigation and healing cooldowns as I needed them, and he died fairly quickly.

I don't see anything in my rear view mirror.

After I killed him I just sat and ate to clear his bleed. Curse my feeble feral healing 😉

The Prophet Tharon’ja

Lastly Tharon’ja. Raving, incoherent Tharon’ja. His emotes as usual were his biggest threat. He was the simplest boss in the instance, an easy tank and spank, then dance around as a skeleton, then back to the killing.

THARON'JA! THARON'JA IS ETERNAL!!! sigh. tantrums.

And that’s it for soloing heroic DTK. A lot simpler than UP, which I guess is to be expected, but another one to tick off the list. 🙂

Kalecgos + Kael’thas 3-man

Well after a sadly unsuccessful 3-man SWP attempt (Brutallus requires 30kdps, and we just can’t do that with me also needing healing) we headed into Tempest Keep to have a look at Kael.

Our usual 3-man team: myself as feral tank, Shigeko (shadow priest) and Wilson (ele shaman).


In Sunwell plateau, we did have a successful play with the Kalecgos encounter. The trash on the way is fairly brutal, skip as much as you can, and burn down the cabalists and priests in each blood elf group as a priority.

Clearing trash approaching Kalecgos

On our first attempt on Kalegcos we had to hearth out to reset him, we ‘killed’ him in the normal realm before the demon in the shadow realm, and so the encounter just hung. After flying back and heading back in, we decided to tighten up our strat. Shigeko and Wilson stood together to take the first portal, while I stayed with Kalegcos and tanked. They took two portal phases to kill the demon, we had to be fairly careful with dps on Kalecgos not to over do it, but in the end this strat was successful.

Kalecgos 3 man

Then after our unsuccessful chat with Brutalus, we headed out to Tempest Keep.


We skipped the other bosses and headed straight in to Kael. The trash here was much easier, we cleared to KT, and his room. there are no longer patrols that come into his room, so once his room was clear we were good to go.

Clearing his adds one at a time was simple. To simplify positioning later, we tanked the 3 melee adds (Thaladras, Telonicas and Sanguinar) pretty much on the one spot, with Capernian off to one side by herself.

Clearing the terrible four. This is merely a setback.

Similarly, we tanked the melee weapons/shield all around the base of the stairs. I left the bow/staff alone for the others to kill. Once they were down, I looted the dagger (Infinity blade) and Wilson looted the staff (Disintegration).

Then back to the adds, this time super-charged. I picked up the three melee, and once again left Capernian to Wilson and Shigeko to burn down fast. Then we killed Telonicus and the other two. Then we had just Kael and the phoenix to deal with.

During the following two phases I took a lot of damage. Kael’s pyroblast still hurts, and with only two of us we didn’t always get a chance to burn his shield to interrupt it. Also, I couldn’t use the bulwark legendary, and in any case needed to use the dagger so I had to eat pyroblasts mostly.

The other killer for us was Mind control. AS there were only three of us, his MC got the other two every cast. We ended up managing this by having them stand near me, and I broke them out of MC by wielding the dagger and hitting them till they came to. Gently of course. Ok, so I mangled them once or twice by habit. Sorry! Shigeko basically spent all of this phase healing – we were all taking lots of damage, and with one dps down trying to keep us up, this was the most dangerous phase for us.

Kael'thas 3-man

In any case, finally we made it to the air phase, so no more MC, just the pesky phoenixes that we burned down as they popped, then back to Kael. Till finally we defeated him, but no lovely mount for us today. Maybe next week. 🙂

Healing Omnotron 10 man – resto druid thoughts

With lots of folks away over Christmas/NY, our guild has only really started raiding Cata in January, and we only raid 2 nights a week. Consequently we aren’t as progressed as other guilds are, so I’m sure there are some great guides out there already for healing this encounter. Rather than a ‘guide’, this post is just my thoughts so far about healing this as a restoration druid. (Having said that, I think we’ve done really well to have killed Maloriak on our 8th night of raiding. Love my guild.)

My role in the encounter has been to heal our warrior tank, and our holy paladin has been assigned to the DK tank. We have a shaman raid healing. Of course we’re all cross healing a bit as well, as there is lots of unexpected/spike damage.

But my discussion is assuming you are mainly tank healing and a bit of off-raid-healing. Some of this may still be helpful if you’re raid healing exclusively, but I haven’t done that yet on this encounter.

Here’s my healing from our latest kill:

Healing on Omnotron defense system

Firstly, I have to say I’m surprised by how big my RJ heal component is. As I’ve said, I was primarily tank healing, but throwing around RJ and WG as needed. I don’t roll LB on both tanks, just my assigned tank.  (Lots of reasons apart from the incoming nerf, but primarily I find that I needed to abandon the second stack so often that I just stopped stressing about it and let myself remain flexible with my other GCDs.) I guess the high level of RJs is telling me there is a lot more raid damage to cover than I realised.

Secondly, we lost one of our tanks on the final transition, so I switched into HT spam mode at the end there. My mana was bleeding, I can tell you!

Not enough mana... Not enough mana...

For me, the difficult times to heal this are threefold:

  1. Transitions: this is the time we most often lost our tanks. Watch your tank carefully as the 50% energy marks are called. If your tank’s target is gaining their shield, be ready in case they accidently hit their mob and need a dispel or if there’s extra healing needed. If the tank is transitioning to another target, beware that they may be moving in a way that lowers their mitigation, or they may actually spend a couple of seconds tanking two mobs while one powers down. Be prepared for the transitions: be in a safe spot yourself, have the tank fully hotted and be ready to throw some HTs.
  2. Magmatron’s Incineration Security Measure (his raidwide AOE fire attack): It’s not a huge damage spike on the tank, nonetheless when we were learning this encounter we often lost a tank during this attack. I’m surmising that the reason for this is that the amount of raid damage we needed to cover resulted in a dip in tank healing. Be ready for this while Magmatron is up. He will cast this AOE three times while he is active (shielded or not) so be ready with swiftmend on the tank if needed. Barkskin yourself when you can, save your WG for when the AOE is going out, only help top people up once you’re sure your tank is fine (treeform can help with the raid top-up).
  3. Poison Bombs:  If you get targeted by a poison bomb during Toxitron’s active phase, you need to avoid getting hit by it. The best way to do that is to position yourself at max range from Toxi while still in range of your tank/the raid. If you are positioned well, you won’t have to move when your name is called for an ooze target. Likewise, keep alert for other healers being called, so you know to throw extra heals to cover them if necessary. A safe ranged spot is the best/safest strategy for Toxitron’s phases.
  4. Poison Bombs again: If a tank gets targeted by an ooze, then there’s also the possibility of them moving, losing some mitigation depending upon facing, going out of range, or getting cut off iff there are poison clouds nearby. Be extra alert during this phase of your tank getting targeted. Even if they don’t get hit, Bad Things can happen(tm). (Yes, this is four things.)

Mana was an issue for me, if I didn’t use Aracanatron’s puddles. Try to use these whenever you can, but don’t sacrifice your safety to do so (of course).  I started to really feel the squeeze if we didn’t get Arcanatron pop till later in the fight.

Powering down...

Cooldowns: I tried to save healthstones/barksin/lifeblood for Magmatron, or for Aracanatron if I was Arcane Annihilated and ended on low health. Treeform I either used to help top up after Magmatron’s security measures, or at any time I needed to keep tank healing on the run. I Innervated early if we didn’t start with Arcanatron (either myself or another raid member).

UI: You might want to set up warnings for some of the critical moments in this fight. I set up two custom debuffs in Grid for Magmatron’s eye beam of death: I set my centre icon to indicate the ‘Acquiring Target’ debuff and also for the ‘Flamethrower’ debuff. That way I can see who is being targetted immediately and throw them some extra healing. You could also set up icons for ‘Toxic Bomb’. For more information on setting up custom debuffs in Grid, see my post here.

Finally the key to this fight is looking after yourself. The fight involves a lot of moving, so druid healing really shines.

AQ40 – 3 man Twin Emps, C’thun

The Twin Emperors: Vek’lor and Vek’nilash

After my solo adventures, Shigeko and Wilson were keen to go in and try defeating the Twin Emperors together. We’d tried pretty unsuccessfully on this pair at 80, so we’d restricted ourselves to AQ40 clears up to the Emps for rep, but stopped there. This time we cleared through to the Emperors, with the aim of getting them down.

We’d read that it was 3 mannable at 85 and were pretty sure we could give it a good shot. It took as a while to nail exactly what to do, the encounter is horribly sensitive to threat changes, but we finally killed them after about 45 minutes of attempts.

Our setup on the pull:

  • on Vek’lor: Shigeko (shadow priest) tanking, accompanied by Wilson (specced resto for this) to heal as needed
  • on Vek’nilash: Glowberry (specced feral for this), self healing as needed

We tanked them in the same spots we tanked them back at lvl 60, against each wall and/or on their starting platforms as best we could to maximise their range.  You do tend to get thrown about a bit but that’s the basic idea. (See below for positioning in screenshots.)

The whole thing is very knife edge. If we screwed up once, they would wander across the room to attack the other tank or Wilson, and therefore stand together, self healing at 30k per second. But we think we’ve solidified the issues into the following rules:

  • Healing is okay on the right mob. When we were on our ‘right’ mob (ie: Glow on melee guy [Vek’nilash] and Shigeko on caster guy [Vek’lor]) we could self heal or have heals applied by a healer (Wilson) without losing our mob.
  • Healing is NOT okay on the wrong mob. When were on the ‘opposite’ mob if we self healed or had healing applied, we would lose aggro to the person who applied the healing. This included hot ticks, VE ticks, feral rejuv ticks, direct heals, anything. This also meant that in the final attempt, I didn’t even melee the transformed bugs while I was in cat/bearform when I was on Vek’lor. if I procced my Leader of the Pack healing, I’d pull aggro on  Vek’nilash from across the room.
  • No dots. If there was a dot up on them at transition, they would head straight back to their person applying the dot. So we totally avoided dotting them at all. I took lacerate off my bars. Otherwise I kept habitually putting it up. That was bad.

So summary: do what you like on your ‘correct’ mob, and gently gently does it on the ‘opposite’ mob.

I didn’t need a healer if I was careful with cooldowns and when to self heal. With the right combination of two classes you could probably duo this at 85.


C’thun in comparison was relatively straightforward. We DPSed him down, killing eye stalks as they popped until he was at 0% to enter phase 2 – we got one Eye beam of Death during that time.

We wiped once in Phase 2 because C’thun gets a little upset if no-one is up top and insta-gibs us all. You can’t avoid getting drawn into his body – but we aimed on our second attempt to spend as little time in there as possible, and just throw up instants on the inner tentacles as we aimed for the trampoline out. Apart from that it’s a simple matter of dpsing him down once vulnerable to get your AQ achievement and Brood reputation with just three people.

You don’t need a tank nor a healer for this at 85, as long as you avoid Bad things(tm).


We cleared everything in the instance except Viscidus. none of the other bosses presented any difficulty, and as I recently wrote about soloing them I didn’t discuss those in this 3-man post. (Note that for Skeram, I soloed him while the other two waited out of LoS in the entrance trash corridor. You don’t want MCs complicating an easily soloable fight.)

I’d estimate with the full clear of boss kills, one artefact from trash, C’thun’s eye and the multiple tier piece check-ins, I gained about 10 000 rep in one clear. If you weren’t already revered, you’d get more, as the trash is worth rep until then as well. A pretty easy old-school rep to farm if you have two friends that are keen for a challenge (The Twin Emps are a challenge even at 85 for 2 or 3 players, but very rewarding! =D)


Soloing AQ 40


I’m not exalted with Brood of Nozdormu rep on Glowberry. I wish I could pull across my exalted reputation from my original druid, but alas such is the price of a reroll. Thought I’d have a look and see how much of AQ40 is solo farmable at 80, considering we three manned the first 5 bosses for a few weeks at 80. It’s about 2500 rep for that mini clear – not a bad weekly grind.

I went in with my usual setup – feral spec, 346ish ilvl gear.


You can mount throughout the instance to move from area to area. Trash has a chance to drop AQ bug mounts, usable only in the instance. There are four mounts to collect; the red one being rare and the subject of a Feat of Strength. All four count towards the Mountain’o’Mounts achievements, and you will definitely get sick of looting the common blue/green/yellow ones 🙂

The entrance trash before Skeram is easy – if your aim is only to grind rep, and you’re honored or below – the entrance mobs respawn every 20 minutes, so if you’re patient you can farm here all week for rep before heading through to clear the rest of the instance.

Trash stop giving rep at revered, but have a small chance to drop Ancient Qiraji Artifact which you can turn in for 1000 rep at any level. While these are a nice bonus, it’s common to do a pretty full trash clear and not get even one of these.

The trash from Skeram on is mainly packs of Vekniss (melee bug-like sillithids) and Qiraji caster types. The  Vekniss guardians are annoying, they have a HUGE knockback that will cause massive fall damage if you don’t position well. Try to stay with your back to a wall and in areas with low ceilings. The Vekniss Borers spawn lots of low health adds when they die. The Qiraji casters are pretty harmless at 85.

The rest of the trash in the instance is silithids/insectoids or battleguards – but they are all pretty harmless. Only the Vekness guardians are truly dangerous.

The gauntlet after Sartura is mostly avoidable at 85 if you’re careful/lucky. Mount up and ride through, staying to the leftish, and avoiding what you can. Just before Fankriss there is a little ramp/platform that’s safe. Kite any aggroed adds from the gauntlet to this spot and AOE them down.



Easier to solo at 80/85 than he is to do in a small group, because he has no secondary targets to mind control. Just burn him down, when he splits at 75%, 50%, 25% dps his mirror images (that have only 46k health or so) then back to him. Make sure you loot him – it’s the Qiraji Lord’s Insignia each boss drops that you turn in for rep, rather than the kill itself.

After Skeram, to the left, are three dragon NPCs. This is where you check in your Insignia or any Artefacts you’ve found. Also if you pick up the Bindings (or other armor tokens) from later bosses, these are checked in here with idols and scarabs for ‘tier 2.5’ items. All of these check-ins give Brood rep.


Sartura comes with three adds that… knockback. You will be very sick of knockback by the time you get to her, as most of the trash groups will have sent you flying. Position yourself against a wall and kill the adds, then her. The knockback is the only dangerous thing at 85. Her scary whirlwind attack that owned us at 60 doesn’t dent at 85, so just make sure you’re safely positioned and she’ll be cake.


This boss was worrying me more than any other, and he was tough. He actually deserved more respect than I ended up giving him, and I almost died at the end.

His cleaves apply a stacking 10% healing reduction on you. Which stacks to 10, so no healing when it’s maxed. It got to 10 fairly frequently for me, but always dropped after a while. It may help to stack dodge gear, not sure. I saved damage reduction cooldowns for when my stack was high, and used healing cooldowns when my stack was low.

Fairly frequently throughout the fight, he’ll teleport you to a corner and web wrap you, surrounding you with a new wave of adds and rendering you effectively stunned. I don’t think that’s resistible, I was web wrapped… a lot. If I was getting beaten on by adds and my stack was high, I’d pop barkskin. He and any other adds will wander over as well to start gnawing on you. I didn’t worry about positioning, you get moved around so much you can’t – plus the time it takes for Fankriss to get to you after a teleport is advantageous – more time for the stack to drop. Once the web fell, I’d swipe/thrash to kill the adds, then back on burning Fankriss.

The real killer here is the same as it always was – the Spawn of Fankriss ‘worm’ adds. You need to quickly kill these as they arrive, or they enrage. An enraged spawn was hitting me for 5-6k a hit, and hitting quickly. I’d decided when Fankriss hit about 10% to ignore the adds and focus on the boss. Bad mistake, and I nearly died. My advice would be to keep switching to the Spawns and killing them as a priority right till the bitter end.

Princess Huhuran

Huhu was a “kill her before I die” experience. Knowing this is how it would roll, I started off in cat form and pushed all my dps cooldowns early. Got her to about 50% before I started to hurt too much and switched to bear. Then popped mitigation/healing cooldowns in sequence, and kept burning as hard as I could. At the end, she died… my stack was high (20 or so) and I was silenced by her poison so couldn’t heal… so I died too. Looooooong run back to get my loot 🙂

Royal family – Vem, Yauj and Kri

After Huhu, I did go back and attempt these guys a few times. I got pretty close, but was getting tired and the OMGMOREKNOCKBACK was starting to wear on me.

This fight is all about Yauj. If you can’t interrupt her heals, then you will never get anywhere. The complications being that she fears, and Kri has a huge knockback, so being able to interrupt is touch and go. On my closest attempt I had her to about 10% before I lost control again.

I started out in cat form for maximum interrupts. I popped berserk early, giving my a dps burst, but more importantly giving fear immunity for 20 seconds. My current feeling is that if I get lucky with knockbacks, I can kill her in that 20 second window, and then it’s a free ride to finishing them off.


I didn’t attempt – I can’t see myself getting 200 frost attacks on him in 15 seconds. I may go back and see if that mechanic is still necessary at 85.


Soloing Molten Core


Another soloing adventure! My Hydraxian Waterlords rep is abysmal, as back in vanilla I farmed MC on my original druid, before rerolling my current incarnation. So, not much rep. Farmed MC for a while at 80 with mates… but once we hit revered it becomes a slow grind. So I thought I’d go see how I went soloing.

I screwed up a few things, being my first time there solo, but my estimate is that it would take about 30 minutes to clear once I know what I’m doing.


Most of the trash is skippable/stealthable at 85. The ancient corehounds detect stealth, so it’s easier to try to avoid these than to stealth around them.

The corehound packs (as usual) were a bit of a pain. I tabbed through them lacerating, and swipe/thrashed them on cooldown. That was working okay untilI made an error, and when I tried shadowmelding the pack reset… but then when I re-engaed they wouldn’t despawn when dead – so try to avoid tricks like that. I had to go through shenanigans to get to Magmadar.

Other than that the trash is all pretty much skip or kill, none of the rest of it is difficult.


Lucifron I tanked in bear form and popped beserk early to burn down his adds then him. His curse is annoying, but not worth popping out to dispel.

Magmadar was fine I bear-tanked him as well. He has a lot of health – I might have been better off in cat form.

Gehennas I forgot >.> and had to go back when I discovered Majordomo wasn’t up. Anyway he was simple as well, I pulled him against a wall to avoid patrols then burned down his adds and then him. Dispel his annoying curse when you’re done.

Garr was easy, I bear tanked him. I didn’t clear any trash in his room, just backed myself deep into the wall behind him to avoid getting knowcked around by his add explosions. Killed the adds, then him.

Baron Geddon – I picked him up and pulled him into the entrance tunnel and killed him in cat form.

Shazzrah I pulled into a ‘safe looking spot’ but still picked up a patrolling core hound. Wasn’t an issue – I killed the hound then went back to Shaz. I tanked him as cat form as well.

Sulfuron – erg. He was annoying as always. I tanked him against a wall, but I kept getting knocked around anyway – which screwed my burst damage and my interrupts. Anyway, I tanked him as a bear, popped beserk early and managed to kill one of his priests. Then it was a combination of quick target switching, interrupts and plain luck to get his other healers down. then I burned him down. Painful.

Golemagg I cleared a patrolling surger and hound that I noticed going through his area. I then Backed him against a wall and it was tank and spank for my bear. The adds died repeatedly, but it makes no difference.

Majordomo was easy enough, again i tanked in bear form and popped beserk early. I killed his healers first then his elites, I did move out of his lava pit when teleported, but not sure it did enough damage to bother. More habit than anything.

Ragnaros was a bit trickier. I tanked him in bear form, positioned in the traditional spot so that you get knocked onto the shelf of rock. First attempt went badly. Every time I was thrown he did his ranged attack for no melee, and it hurt a LOT. Just as I was about to die I played with the ‘charge while airborne’ trick and it worked. I died anyway, rezzed and ran back. Second attempt was much easier. Tanked in bear again, every time he knocked me back I charged back in mid-flight, so he never got ‘out of melee’. I didn’t *quite* manage to kill him before he submerged, but the adds were trivial, and I killed him soon after.


Soloing Heroic Utgarde Keep

While soloing raids can be great for making a bit of gold, or filling out some of my old-school reputations, there’s no reason to try soloing the wrath heroics except for the heck of it. It’s a list that once I’ve considered, I feel compelled to work through.


First heroic on the list: Heroic Utgarde Keep. Why? Well in my mind it was the easiest to burn through as a group. As I discovered, this did not make it necessarily easy to solo.

I was in my feral tank spec and gear; about 346 average ilvl.


I chose to kill the first group of trash to get a feel for how hard they hit. I could have stealthed past them. You may be able to walk past them at 85, if you avoid the patrollers – I didn’t try it so I’m not sure. You cannot avoid the next two trash packs in any case – you need to kill them to open up the fire walls that block the next area. They didn’t hit very hard. I then just cleared down the centre of the drake room, and the next two packs after this into Keleseth’s room.

The trash was easy and unrewarding. Because of this, I stealthed past the rest of the trash where I could. The dogs later in the instance detect stealth, but some I could walk past anyway, some I aggroed.

Stealth-detecting guard dogs

Prince Keleseth

Ok I failed on him. I tried 3 times, and the first attempt was the best one, as I resisted a couple of ice tombs. Basically, he ice tombs, and if there are skeletons up as well they beat me down with no recourse.  I’d like to try again with some frost resistance and/or my pvp trinket to see if I can avoid being chain tombed. If I resisted two or three I’d be close to nailing him.

In the end I stealthed past him, as I was keen to try the rest of the instance. (Edit Jan 31: updated below)

Skarvald & Dalronn

These guys were easy, just tank and spank. I just burned down one then the other.

A warrior's death

Ingvar the Plunderer

Again, with no fancy mechanics, this guy was an easy kill.

Ingvar, your pathetic failure shall serve as a warning.

All in all I’m kind of disappointed and am calling this ‘not completed’ until I’ve downed Kelesth. Apart from resistances and trinketting, I’m not sure what else to try; anyone have any experiences soloing this guy?

Update, Jan 31 – Keleseth down

Armed with both my pvp trinket and resistance elixirs, I exacted my revenge upon Keleseth over the weekend.

Utgarde Keep was mereely a setback.

So now calling heroic Utgarde Keep ‘completed‘.