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Plan – feral instance soloing

Now that I’ve capped my justice points I’ve started playing with my tank spec again. For raiding I like to have a dps offspec, but as we’re so short on heals atm I don’t see myself dpsing in raids for a while. Truth be told, I enjoy tanking way more than dpsing anyway, but I haven’t tanked full time since Burning Crusade. But it also allows me to get back into one of my favourite nonraiding pastimes – soloing instances!

At lvl 80 I’d soloed all the BC heroics, as well as Kara, ZG and AQ20 (except for Buru, shudder). A group of three of us spent a few weeks pre-Cata 3-manning MC, BWL, AQ40 up to Huhu and Magtheridon (for rep, the sceptre quest and luls) but it’s been a while since I dusted off my solo shoes, so time to think about possibilities.

Soloing hard content (especially instances) is a great way to learn your strengths, weaknesses and where all your ‘oh shit’ buttons are. It doesn’t teach you much about threat, but it does help you learn
– when to charge and when to pull back
– how to round up groups and deal with casters
– what cooldowns are good in what situations (defensive and offensive)
– effective rotations on long boss fights
– patience, strategy, daring

So. A list of places to try to solo as a feral (tank) druid. Currently my tank gear is mostly 346ish and gemmed/chanted appropriately.

(Update Jan 31 – started tracking my soloing progress here)

Classic content

I may go back and do MC, ZG just because. BWL is unsolable because of Razor… AQ20 is rumoured to have changed in 4.0.3a, but I can’t find it in the official patch notes, anyone know about this?


I know that this was soloable at 80 up to Fankriss, so shouldn’t be too hard. I may be able to stealth past him in any case. I’d really like to finish my Brood rep grind off, but I know my friend Wilson would as well, so may not end up soloing this initially. Edit: Soloed the first few bosses, notes here.

Burning Crusade


He was three-mannable at 80, but tricky. Would be good to try solo just for fun.


HKM wasn’t solable at 80…. shudder. Not sure if he will be at 85 either, could go have a look I guess, but not hopeful.


I didn’t try either of those at 80, might be worth going in to have a look at trash and which bosses are doable/skippable just for fun.

Mount Hyjal

Again at 80 we two/three manned the first boss and farmed trash here for a while so we could farm rep. Worth having a look at 85.

Black Temple

Tried two and three manning the trash here at 80 and it was tough. Would be good to stick my nose in and see  how I go, but not sure it would be ‘farmable’. Again, would like to finish my Ashtongue rep off, so we’ll see.

Wrath of the Lich King

Not looking at the raid instances here, though Sarth and/or parts of Naxx might be soloable. (Brings back memories of stealthing through Naxx at 60 for the frozen runes….)


At 80 I went back and soloed lvl 70 heroics, so naturally I’m wondering which lvl 80 heroics would be solable. Thinking I’d start with ones that felt easy when we 5 manned them: UK, VH, Nexus, DTK, AN… And work my way through them all. Perhaps the ICC 5 mans may be tough. Could try them on normal first and see.


High priority, as there is rep that I’d like: BT/AQ40 – will try these first.
Lower priority, but look approachable: WOTLK heroics, Magtheridon, ZA, SSC/TK

Nothing really new in any of this, but I’ll blog my successes and failures, along with anything I learn. Just looking forward to practising my new tank abilities before I offer my furry bear butt to an unsuspecting pug! (Or even worse, guildies! hehe)

Any other suggestions from people who’ve started soloing some olde worlde content at 85?


2 responses to “Plan – feral instance soloing

  1. Nardelan January 18, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    Great post!

    Whizbang and I actually went into SSC to get the Lurker Below achievement. Once we summoned Lurker we decided to give him a whack and were surprised at how quickly and easily he dropped. So naturally we decided to press on and see what other nasties we could bring down!

    Hydross, Morogrim, Fathom-Lord weren’t too much of an issue. With liberal use of cooldowns and the occasional heal for myself and Whiz, they fell pretty easily. The only problem we had was on Leotheras. However we only gave him one attempt and we wiped with him sitting on about 2-3% health. I didn’t anticipate the amount of damage that went out while he was in demon form and since we’re both melee, we were getting hit with his bleed ability also. If I had of dished out some heals earlier and used my Innervate, he probably would have went down.

    Vash’j was….well, impossible with two players. We simply did not have the coverage to get the tainted cores quickly enough and the stalkers fear was extremely painful. So Vash’j grew to immense size and her chain lightning melted our faces 😛

    The trash in SSC proved no problems what so ever – but they didn’t drop the Druid staff for my town set. Boo! 😛 We also collected a shite load of Coilfang Armaments which will help Nardelan’s standing with the Cenerion Expedition. (The fact that I’m a Druid should naturally mean i get reciprocal rights with these guys right? Right???? :P)

    Next up was TK. Again, trash was no dramas with the exception of the patrolling mobs around Solarian. One particular mob mind controls, so we had to burn these quickly to stop them from casting the MC and bugging out.

    The only boss was had problems with was naturally, Kael’thas himself. The problems arose when his council respawned all at once. There was just too many incoming debuffs and annoying abilities such as the conflag that it made throwing out (weak) feral HoTs impossibe. We felt if we had a dedicated healer, we probably would have pushed through this phase. Not sure how the rest of the fight would have gone however. We did try an attempt with me as Resto, but the loss of dps pretty much ended with the same result.

    We also went stepped into KZ but as you can imagine, proved no problem at all.

    One great thing to note about soloing/duoing BC 25 man raids is how lucrative it is. Bosses in SSC/TK drop 250g – so split between a Whiz and I on top of money from trash and vendor items, we made some very nice coin.

    Hopefully Blizzard don’t catch onto this and nerf the amount of gold dropped 🙂

    • glowberry January 18, 2011 at 7:59 pm

      Haha awesome! You need to blog these stories imo 🙂 Would love to read more! You’ve given me much inspiration to go out and try SSC and TK.
      I was watching a video of a DK soloing Kael’Thas, and he managed the council by kiting them all over the instance to kill them when they spawn individually. Then when they rez all at once they came to him one at a time due to his spreading them out. Very clever indeed. He also did some fancy footwork on Kael that was interesting to watch.
      I did go in and soloed some BT trash this evening. Shigeko joined me when I got to Najentus. We downed him, then Supremus and Teron, good fun and 250g each as you say 🙂 Bloodboil was a bit harder to manage, had a few wipes on him and will think about that a bit more. Got some rep, took some screenies, will post later tonight =))

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