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Healing Maloriak 10 – resto druid thoughts

Having twice defeated Maloriak in 10 man, I’ve started to get my head around this encounter a little, and feel the need to put some of this to paper.

My role has been healing the add tank, we have a holy pally healing the main tank, and a shaman healing the raid. Of course our tank healers help out with raid healing as needed as well.

We used one tank on the adds, and let out 9 gradually during red/blue phases. There was clearly some complicated plan involving interrupts that I never really followed, mainly I listened on vent for our MT (who was looking after the abberation release interrupts) calling ‘next wave of adds’ for our OT. Then I knew I needed to ramp up my heals on our OT.

Our positioning for the blue phase had the healers fairly central to the room and the ranged down the sides.

Our blue phase positioning- MT centre, add tank roams door side of the room

For the blue phase while healing my tank, the main thing I watched for was the flash freeze target. When the target is frozen they take 60-70k damage, then when they are broken out, they take another 40-50k damage, so you need to be fast getting that person above 60k health or so or they will die. The cooldown on this seemed to be about the same as swiftemnd, as I always managed to get a RJ/SM on the flash freeze target, but I was also desperately watching it slide off cooldown every time. A ‘Flash Freeze’ debuff warning on your raid frames will help here.

If your addtank gets Flash Frozen, this gets very tricky, especially if dps are extremely alert and pop him out very fast – you’ll get a very sudden 120k damage on your tank so heal hard to get them back up, even letting LB bloom if it helps. You may also want to pop barkskin, as you may end up with an add beating on you while the tank is stunned.

For the red phase, everyone except the offtank collapsed to stand behind the main tank, the target of consuming flames strafed off to one side to avoid Maloriak’s conal fire breath. Be aware that if that person is a bit slow the fire breath will hurt them a lot, so try to throw them a RJ as they move away. Also, if your offtank or yourself get the consuming flames, you might have range issues if you aren’t aware of where each other are.

Finally, by the time you get to the green phase, damage on the off tank is at its maximum, and as Maloriak transitions to the door side of the room, movement will be bringing its own inherent risks, so be alert and heal hard. As the adds die in the aoe, the add tank takes less and less damage, and the risk of the main tank being hit hard goes up with the number of adds left…. so I would hot the MT and then switch to Hurricane once I was sure the offtank was safe. YMMV on that one 🙂

The other risk in this transition is that you may have an aberation beating on you that the tank hasn’t managed to pick up yet. We collapse loosely to the door, but if you do have adds on you, make sure you run them right into the aoe, they’ll soon get picked up that way – and also any adds left over at the end of the green phase are BAD. I didn’t want to be the one responsible for adds outside the aoe hehe.

And then there’s the last 25%, when Maloriak gets a wee bit more upset and starts shooting fire jets and ice bubbles all over the room. I kept healing my add tank who picks up the two prime suspects, as well as trying to help out on the main tank as much as possible. Keep at range and your camera facing Maloriak at all times, if he stares in your direction too long he’s going to shoot a fire jet your way, so time for a judicious strafe. 🙂

Here’s my healing for our kill last night:

Healing breakdown on Maloriak

Again, I was mainly tank healing, so I’m surprised how much Rejuvenation I’m actually throwing out. I also have a screenshot showing my Mastery stats using the awesome Druid Mastery mod, and some screenies of the actual encounter, but they’ll have to wait till I’m home.


Druid Mastery is an interesting and thought-provoking mod that calculates howmuch of your healing is affected by your mastery. You can download it from WowInterface:

Here’s the output for my healing 2/3 of the way through raid last night:

Druid Mastery, addon output

Useful to analyse how much you’re ‘making use’ of your mastery. How much that’s possible is quite encounter/role specific, but it’s great food for thought.


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