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Soloing Magtheridon

I knew some amazing death knights had soloed Magtheridon at 80, and we’d 3-manned him at 80 – so I was keen to go and see how tough he was for a level 85 character.

He was tough.

Vermin! Leeches! Take my blood and choke on it!

I’d read that his channelers were the hard part of the fight. Five of them, and they cross heal. The damage of five channelers + their summons + Magtheridon beating on me is too much to survive. SO the aim is to kill them, and then Mag.


  • Spec: – Kind of a munted feral  build, aiming to make sure I had King of the jungle plus tanking talents.
  • Gear: most of my feral gear is gemmed/chanted for tanking, but I have a few duplicate slots where I have a dps piece. So mainly I was wearing tank-ish pieces, which wouldn’t be my preference. If you can wear all-out dps gear, that would be optimal.
  • Consumables: Flask of the Winds and Potions of Tol’vir. I should have brought some dps food as well. I prepotted on the pull so that I could use two potions.


I tried this with multiple different strategies before I was successful, so I’ll outline the way that worked. It’s still a bit luck-of-the-draw, depending on how the channelers decide to cross heal.

I started the pull in cat form, standing on a channeler, popping a potion of Tol’vir, then Tiger’s Fury, then engaging. My aim was to get max dps bleeds up before switching to bear form as the other channelers arrived. I knew I wouldn’t kill the first add, but I wanted to have DoTs ticking on it.

Once the others rocked up, I switched to bear form, enraged, popped berserk and my trinkets. Then I mangle spammed with one finger hovering over the Skull bash key to interrupt the heal of my target. I threw in a Maul when I had enough rage. If I killed two channelers before Berserk was over, then I knew it was game on. Any less than that, it was game over – I’d Shadowmeld to reset it then wait for all of my cooldowns to come up, then start over.

So after killing two channelers, I was good to continue; the aim is to survive until berserk comes up again. Magtheridon becomes active at some point before that, so I just popped mitigation cooldowns as needed, waiting on berserk while tanking Mag, the three remaining channelers, and all of the Abyssals.

I timed going Berserk just after Magtheridon finished on of his spates of throwing me around the room. I made sure I had a channeler targeted, chugged another Tol’vir potion, popped trinkets, and mangle spammed again. This time with only three up, the cross healing is much less, so I killed all three, then onto Matheridon.

Finishing off the channelers. Aka: Magtheridon's sword in my face.

Once the channelers and the abyssals are dead, it’s just tank and spank till Magtheridon dies. He collapses the ceiling at 30% health, but that’s not a significant dent on a lvl 85 health pool. I shifted into cat to maximise dps, shifting back to bear as needed to self heal.

So after a few days of going back in and trying with different setups, I finally killed him solo and got to enjoy the spoils: random tier 4 chests, 490g and a huge demon head on a stick.

One large dead pitlord. Hoo-ray!

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