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Soloing Heroic Violet Hold

Violet Hold was a boring heroic during Wrath, so I was kind of putting off going in there to solo it. Each time I ‘ported into Dalaran, I’d fly past the entrance on the way out to another dungeon, and pretend I hadn’t noticed it.

This weekend I finally went in to have a look. And to be honest, it wasn’t too bad.

Usual set up: feral tankish spec and gear, ilvl 346 or thereabouts.


The main worry I had as I entered the instance: would I be able to kill the trash quickly enough to avoid having  overlapping portal spawning? Luckily that didn’t happen (during the trash anyway). I did sometimes end up with a mini-add left over from the single-mob portals, but in general speed wasn’t an issue.

Trash in Heroic Violet Hold

For groups I stayed in bear form and single target DPSed them down one by one. For the single mobs I generally stayed in kitty form.

The only real thing to watch for is that one of the dragons puts a bleed that doesn’t drop until you’re healed to full. I just saved Frenzied regeneration for that.


Well I got lucky, and got the two arguable easiest bosses, if not the simplest.


My first boss was Ichoron. I stayed in bear form, but in hindsight perhaps cat form would have been better. She doesn’t throw out much damage, and I just pulled her to a switch between each split so that I could use them to kill her globules.

Surprise! Not all globules are globules...

As I pulled the last switch, I turned to meet some very dragonny looking globules marching towards the gate. Oh goodie, the next portal had spawned, and I hadn’t noticed. 7/18…

I took Ichoron to the door, swiped the dragons, and finished her watery highness off there, before turning back to the adds. I barely killed them as the next portal spawned, but from then on everything stayed under control.


An easy tank and spank. With this beast I started out in bearform, but quickly switched to kitty and popped berserk. The only real precautions I took was to strafe out of his fire.

Brashly, you have come to wrest the secrets of the Living Flame! Oh, wait.


She was a similar story. I started out in bear form, but after taking stock of her puny arms I realised she wasn’t hitting very hard, so switched into cat form for the remainder. Again, the habit of aeons forced me to strafe out of her blizzards.

A valiant defense, but this city must be razed. (I think the Kirin Tor already raised it. Har har.)

So not a very useful ‘guide’, as the bosses I encountered were quite simple, but nonetheless a recount of my latest adventures for my list. 🙂 Go solo it! It’s got a few challenges that make it much more fun than it was at 80.


The entrance to the Violet hold

And a footnote: a screenshot for Voros to show that I’m practising. Check out his screenshot posts here: The Art of Screen Shots

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