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Soloing heroic Azjol-Nerub


Kind of despondent after a failed attempt at soloing Naxx bosses, I headed out to Azjol Nerub to see if that was soloable at 85.

My usual set up: feral druid tank spec and gear, 346ish ilvl.


The only really bad trash were the watchers before Krik’thir. I wiped the first time due to being locked down during their web wrap ability.

I ran back in with a clear plan: kill the watchers. I know that sounds obvious, but the first time around I was taking it causally, swiping and thrashing to my heart’s content. Second time around I pulled each watcher group one by one, worked hard at my single target rotation, and ignored the other two mobs until each watcher died.

Mmm comfy little web blanket caccoon

This worked much better, and I killed them with only a couple of web wraps to contend with.


Krik’thir the Gatewatcher

As soon as the last watcher group died, Krik’thir engaged. He started out fairly well, but he puts up a series of poisons and curses, so I got fairly low by the end.

And the blanket unravelled

A swipe and a thrash was enough to kill is small adds. The large adds I killed with berserk on the first wave, and ignored the second wave as I was close to downing the boss.

All and all he wasn’t too bad, best to save mitigation cooldowns to use towards the end.


He was much easier, but again, I only just killed the three groups guardians by the time he’d killed his own adds.

Hadronox - I don't remember such a vivid selection circle before...

Once I’d engaged he was a simple tank and spank. I shuffled out of the gas clouds, but that’s the only fancy footwork required.


He was quite tough. I’d never tanked him before, so it took me a while to get the hang of avoiding his Pound; it would be much easier if I’d done a good job of that.

Simple tank and spank at the start, then the first wave of adds was fine. After the second/third wave I started to take a bit of poison damage – I really should have focussed down the Venomancers.

But once he was back up after the last add wave,  I popped cooldowns and down her went.

Anub'shiash,... er Anub'rekhan... ern... what was your name again?

So not bad for 20 minutes of entertainment, certainly perked me up after the failed Naxx run. ANother one to cross off my list.

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