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Soloing heroic Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom

More free time on my plate, so back to soloing stuff! Working down my soloing list sequentially, which mean Old Kingdom was today’s project.

Entrance to the Old Kingdom

Usual set up: feral tank spec and gear, ilvl 346 or thereabouts.


Trash was fairly trivial…. except for the Spell flingers. They do an attack that does 80% of your max health, so if you accidentally aggro two groups, you will probably die. I aggroed two groups. I died.

Two of these and you're toast.

The rest was pretty easy. The entrance watchers are stealth detectors, so even if you’re a stealther you’ll need to clear these guys. Lots of the rest of the trash was avoidable just by walking around it.


The bosses were all easy…. except for Taldaram.

Elder Nadox

I went bear and single targeted him and swiped/thrashed the small adds as the arrived. Once the guardians arrive, switch to them and kill them, then back to the boss. Didn’t take much damage so he was easy.

Elder Nadox

No druid loot though, woe! 😉

Prince Taldaram

Ok Taldaram was tough. I tanked him in bear form.

Possibly I should have started popping cooldowns earlier to keep my health high  so I didn’t run out of cooldowns late in the fight. His channelling is nasty with noone to break you out. Not deadly, just an unmitigatable dot and a humiliating posture.

It's not what you think! We were just hugging.

Yes well. Humiliating. But I did kill him so I guess I get the last laugh. Poor bear though 😦

Jedoga Shadowseeker

Jegoda was fine. I tanked her in bear then popped into kitty when she called a supplicant. Still, I only just killed the supplicant in time – it probably wouldn’t have mattered if I didn’t, she didn’t do much damage herself.

Jedi bosses. Gotta love them.

I stayed out of her lightning patches and just burned her down in bear form.


He was really easy. So easy in fact that the door bell rang and I had to afk for a while.

Mushrooms.... many many mushroooms.

Didn’t need cooldowns, just tanked him next to a healthy mushroom and broke it whenever I was shrunk. Though tiny bears are pretty cute 🙂

Herald Volazj

Lastly Mr Mind Control. Except not, as it was just me. He channelled Insanity at his 66% and 33% marks, but there was no insanity for me.

He whispers to me about my guild. "Those who dine on lost souls..."

Once I realised I could skull bash ll of his mind flays, he was a simple tank and spank.

So that’s it, one more wrath heroic down, and yet again it was the San’layn prince that was the hard part.


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