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Soloing heroic Halls of Lightning

Another weekend heroic, this time Halls of Lightning. Slowly whittling away at my list.

Usual set up: feral tank spec and gear, ilvl 346 or thereabouts. The clear took about 30 minutes, I avoided a fair bit of trash.


The trash in here was fairly easy, although a bit painful in the first few groups, what with disengaging and knocking back aplenty. I cleared the right hand arc of the entry area, so I could engage Bjarngrim without picking up adds.

I then cleared through the Slag gauntlet, pulling them up to the stairs. Their death explosions don’t dent the lvl 85 health pool.

Clearing the Slag.

The I cleared the first elemental pack, but stealthed past the rest – they didn’t present much of a challenge, and I wanted to push on.

Onto the ‘statue’ corridor after Volkhan. The Siegebreakers fear when they die. I cleared the first group, and tried stealthing past the second. But they pop into life anyway, and still aggroed on me. So I cleared the rest.

In the last large room after Ionar, I cleared the entry golems and one pack of Stormforged guys, but basically stuck to the right hand wall, and you can avoid most of this room at 85, even without stealth. Just keep an eye on the patrols.


None of the bosses presented particular issues. I tanked them all in bear form, and I didn’t need mitigation cooldowns – so any tank class (and probably lots of other nontanks) could solo them.

General Bjarngrim

As I stated above, I cleared the area. I pulled him with his lieutenants then popped beserk, and killed them before moving onto him. Whether he was in berserker or defensive stances, he didn’t do much damage.

How can it be? Flesh is not... stronger...

Admittedly, I didn’t try him when he was lightning charged,. It would have been less waiting for him to patrol, but I wasn’t sure how I’d go. I think it would have been fine.


Another easy tank and spank. I ignored his adds and just single targeted him down.

The master was right... to be concerned...

I guess because I ignored the adds, they didn’t ever get low enough for him to shatter them. I spent spent the whole fight ready to step away from the adds, but never needed to.


Again simple tank and spank, except for his dispersion. Once he dispersed, I kited the sparks down the centre of the stairs and then back up the side wall, so I didn’t get any stacks.

I'm in there somewhere...

But because it was just me, I spent the whole fight with the annoying dot going –  I was on about half health by the time he died.


And lastly, another easy ye olde tanke and spanke. I didn’t run out for nova, just barkskinned the first and SIed the second – but to be honest all of that was unnecessary.

Loken sharp today Larry!

And that’s that! Possibly the easiest of all of the wrath heroics I’ve yet attempted.

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