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The race to 85

This was going to be a response to a gratz post to our first lvl 85, but I realised it sounded snarky. Which it isn’t mean to be, more a reflection on how I’m approaching this expansion.

I was reading somewhere that the first 85 took 5.5 hours…

During the last expansion, our guild had a few people racing for server first lvl 80/class, and the amount of pre-farming and preparation they put in was amazing. And in top level guilds there are the levelling teams just to get there first and hit the raids first.

I am glad I can stop and relax this time around. So much of last expac was full of people saying “Don’t finish that zone, there’s better XP in this zone!” etc, and I’m enjoying *reading* the quests, laughing at the conversations between the npcs and just standing around looking at the view for once. All of which take time away from ‘levelling’ but I don’t want to be told I should ‘move along, there’s better xp elsewhere’ I just want to stop and take in the view…

We’ll all be 85 in a few weeks, so don’t stress about being first – just enjoy the journey getting there.

About Glow

I’ve just updated my “About Glow” page.

I’ve added in the section that explands a little on my playstyle and philiosphy.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments here, or ask me on twitter @glowbie 🙂

Pre-expansion malaise

I’ve been through it before, I’ve seen it before all around me – that restless, shifting time before an expansion where everyone starts to ask ‘what’s the point?’.

It started in Trade chat maybe three months ago on Saurfang. Anyone trying to sell a big ticket item like the hilt would find themselves the victim of multiple replies baiting with “what’s the point of spending gold on that? it will be outdated in three months!” And they are right in that items will be outdated, but the whole game works like that in a sense. Everything we equip ourselves with will become ‘outdated’ at some point, but lets instead say ‘upgraded’ as it’s much more positive 😉 Jokes aside, part of why we play is to progress our characters and 3 months of use out of an items could be pretty good value.

How much effort you want to expend on ‘upgrades’ is a personal choice; but as ‘three months to go’ becomes two, then one… the band of what’s worth while becomes narrower and narrower for us all.

Surprisingly, I’ve only really started to feel my “what’s the point” malaise kick in now, with a week to go. I log in, do my fishing and cooking dailies in Stormwind, hope for a few heroics with guildies, then log over to an alt. But even levelling an alt is now feeling like a time-filler. The new low level areas are great but I know that any lowby will be gently set aside for my druid once Cataclysm hits, and eventually then for my worgen hunter. So the motivation is just not there.

I’d like to farm myself 4000 Justice points so I can buy myself a few level 85 blues, but as I’m only half way there with a week to go, that’s chain heroics. And chain pugging is draining. AND I always get Oculus first. (seriously!) I’d also like to farm more Gilneas rep, (revered so far) but I know that will wait, and with no mount there’s no huge impetus there either.

So I’m listless. Maybe I should just log on for our last two raid nights, and take a WoW break for the next week, ready to enjoy it when it’s all fresh and new again 🙂

Are you experiencing the same restlessness? When did it start? How are you handling it?