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New druid guide – aggro!

I’ve just finished the text for a new druid guide about managing healing aggro. You can find it in the Druid guide menu above, or here.

It’s basiaclly a five man guide – though much of it would be useful for a new druid healer in raid fights with adds like Maloriak or … =thinks= … =draws blank= Wow, Blizzard have really cut back on add fights. 😉

In any case, I hope it’s useful for new druids, as well as any healers struggling in instances where they are  grappling with new-found friends unwanted aggro during combat.

Images to come, it’s a bit text-y at the moment.

In any case, enjoy!

Magmaw is on twitter

Yes, our favourite anelid is tweeting about life as Nefarion’s captive.

Read his daily rants and concerns, he answers questions and loot requests, including:
– “Now back to me- now back to you. Back to me- back to you. Back to Mangle.”
– “Halfus just told me plate mail is not biodegradable. Great. NOW what will I do with my leftovers? #ItsNotEasyBeingGreen”
– “I suppose the hallmark of civilization is forgivene- WAIT, WHAT’S THAT IN YOUR GCALENDER?!”

But how does he tweet?
– “My handlers are kind enough to apply a spike to my forehead daily, which I then use to type out messages.”

Read his tweets:

Follow him: @magmaw

Spontaneous tutorial

This post is with great thanks and much awe to Loreli (@LoreliAoD) who enchanted us all today on twitter with a spontaneous step-by-step illustration of a night elf face. For more amazing illustrations, visit

The tutorial took us from this:

to this!

And the amazing step-by-step here:

Thanks Loreli!

Link love

Having recently dipped into the WoW community on twitter, I’ve found lots of knowledgeable and articulate gamers out there sharing their wisdom. A couple of thought provoking articles I’ve read in the last week:

A post about Guild Forums with some interesting questions to ponder from Bible of Dreams:

Murloc Parliament has some amazing articles, but this (combined with the comments that follow) really got me thinking. Great discussion:


I’ve decided (finally) to start blogging some of my thoughts/theories/experiences playing World of Warcraft. Most of this will centre around playing my restoration druid (Glowberry) but as I have a handful of alternate characters I play, I’ll probably blog about these as well.Basically my poor GM was getting walls of text every time I wanted to discuss something. So perhaps blogging about all of this will help me avoid inflicting my rants on others 🙂

For more information about Glow, and my history in playing WoW (and druids specifically) visit the About Glow page. For more info about the mods and ui setup I use (including screenshots) check out Mods and UI.

I’ll flesh these out as we go 🙂