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Ramblings of a resto druid

Druid guides

Guides I’ve written for druids

Restoration healing – the basics

  • A brief guide for those healing on a druid for the first time. Includes a sample talent build, plain language spell descriptions, simple healing strategies for 5man dungeons and ui/keybinding tips.

Restoration healing – managing heal aggro

  • A close look at how to use the threat generated while healing to our best advantage: positioning and timing and defensive abilities.

Restoration healing – the details (Work in progress)

  • A more detailed guide for druid healing. Includes strategies for managing mana, guides for healing tanks and raids, setting up addons for healing, gearing plans.

Druid CC

  • A brief guide to Using Entangling roots, Hibernate and Cyclone in 5man instances, whilst healing.

Guides others have written

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