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A revamp of an old favourite, the Deadmines is a fun heroic to heal as a druid. Packed with a mix of encounters that require heavy tank healing, or rapid topping up of party members, or lots of aoe damage, or fights on the move.

Trash groups
There are some large trash pulls in the mine area leading down into the ship – especially in the lower parts of the ship where there are 4 or 5 elites in a pull.

You will be able to use Entangling roots on any of the melee mobs, The Enforcers would make the best choice for your CC target in the mine area. You won’t be able CC the rogue mobs (Shadowguards) until they are ‘uncamoflaged’ – so you will need the tank to go in and engage these before you get your entangle off. Note that I think they may be able to shadowstep out of their roots, so be ready to make a swift exit with NG up if needed 🙂

Watch for the Envokers – they cast Holy fire with a large upfront damage (about 80k) followed up with a 5k tick. Dispel this if you can. These mobs have a magic debuff that makes them immune to CC, but this can be dispelled/purged, and then they can be safely CCed (sheep, mind control etc). A pull with two of these mobs will almost certainly wipe your party if one is not CCed, as two Holy fire casts is a tank death.

Once you’re at the ship, the Squallshapers do a nasty chain lightning, and the Pirates have a charge followed by a small aoe melee attack, so you’ll need to keep party members above 50% or so through this area to avoid folks getting one-shot.

The cannons on the ship stun, so it’s helpful to have a party member in one of these to lessen the overall damage.



Glubtok is a frost/fire ogre mage; this is a fairly easy fight to heal.

In phase one, be prepared for the tank to take some spikey damage as Glubtok alternates between fists of fire and fists of frost and hits the tank fairly hard. Have LB and RJ on the tank all the time, and be prepared to ramp up to spamming HT when needed to bring the tank back up during a hard hitting phase (for me that seemed to be especially during the fists of fire.)

He throws down fire/frost areas around the room that are easy to avoid, so the rest of the party won’t be taking basically any damage in this phase.

In phase two he floats up into the air and starts summoning adds, spamming his frost/fire patches on the ground, and most dangerously he creates a rotating cookie-cutter of fire across the room. Make sure you’re with the tank leading into this transition. Move steadily around the room with the tank to avoid the cookie cutter, and so that the adds funnel across to you both and the tank can pick them up. Avoid the AOE spots on the ground, they will slow/hurt you. Slowing is bad, you don’t want to get caught in the cutter.

Be ready to heal yourself if you have adds on you, but don’t panic, they don’t hit hard. The dps should be dpsing the boss while the tank picks up all the little guys. Dps shouldn’t be taking any damage in this phase, so concentrate on keeping yourself and the tank alive. If someone does cross the cookie-cutter of fire, they will probably end up on 10-25% health. throw them a RJ/SM and go back to worrying about keeping yourself alive.

Save your treeform for the second phase, and pop it if you’re having trouble healing on the move or keeping up with the damage.

Helix Gearbreaker

This boss consists of an oaf with a goblin riding atop. The oaf is tanked, while Helix does his own thing, including swapping to ride party members. 🙂

Multiple bombs are thrown out on the area, avoid standing near those,  your party members need to do the same. They explode, they hurt. He also throws bombs that attach themselves to you -just make sure you aren’t near other party members if you notice a bomb on your chest.

The Oaf hits moderately hard on the tank – most of your healing will probably go to party members trying to avoid bombs. But the main ability the Oaf has that will cause you grief is that he will pick up a random party member and use the track down the centre of the room to ram the person into the block at the end. This will take the victim down to 25% health and they’ll get thrown across the room somewhere. With all the bombs around the room, you’ll need to throw them a quick heal (RJ + SM is ideal) to keep them up while they find a safe place to stand. You can get picked up yourself, but that tank won’t be tanking the oaf during the ramming, so any hots you have running on the tank should be enough to top them up until you’re back in action.

Once the Oaf is dead, Helix will be left hopping from player to player beating on them, so you’ll need to keep healing your party up until Helix is dead as well.

In summary: it’s possible to avoid most of the bomb damage, but the room can get very full of bombs so your fellow party members will need a few heals occasionally. A rejuv or a clearcast-regrowth will be good for those occasions.
Moderate tank damage, multiple party damage, one big spike on one party member every so often that will mean they need a quick heal.

Foe Reaper 5000

Be prepared for this to be a long fight, he has a lot of health. Use innervate as early as practical, as you may get to use it again.

A dps will need to stay down at the bottom area and kill the adds in the Scarecrow vehicle. We have always fought the boss on the ramp, with the tank facing him away from the group, and the ranged running up the ramp as needed to avoid his attacks. Just be careful with LoS healing the tank around the top lip of the ramp. He hits fairly hard on the tank, but there isn’t a huge amount of spike damage until he enrages at 25%, so be conservative early on, and aim to survive.

He will activate once the final reaper is killed, so once that’s nearly dead, start heading to the spot your party has designated to tank him, and move to healing range up the ramp (for example, if that’s where your party is killing him)

The two main abilities you need to watch out for are Overdrive and Harvest.

When he goes into overdrive, he has white swirls all around him and he will stop attacking the tank and tart running around towards a random party member.  The Overdrive sis a short -range physical damage aoe, so just make sure you and your party members run away from him. Once Overdrive is over, he’ll return to the tank. anyone who didn’t manage to get away (it’s a 3 sec cast, but your tank and melee are the most likely party members to need a top up).

The other nasty thing he does is called Harvest. He will turn to a party member and start casting it. ONce he has finished the cast, a targeting reticule will appear on the ground, run away from that spot, in a direction that also takes you away from the boss. He will charge at that spot, doing a lot of damage to anyone in the path. Once again, he’ll return to the tank after this, so just reposition as before.

Admiral Ripsnarl

This guy took us a while to get right. I’ve been in groups that fight him on the  open part of ship, but we usually engage him in the cabin.

Admiral Ripsnarl on deck

Approaching Admiral Ripsnarl

We position so that the tank can easy TC/swipe to pick up the adds. We gather in his cabin, and the tank pulls him in. I usually try edge forward a little to make sure I’m in pickup range, but be careful of being in front of Ripsnarl, as he has a swipe attack that will chain to you if you’re too close to the tank.
Admiral Ripsnarl in the cabin

Admiral Ripsnarl in the cabin

He’ll periodically jump on someone randomly, knocking them back and stunning them – and that could be you, so ensure you always have LBx3 and RJ on the tank for possible downtime. Apart from that, keep tank healing light initially, as his damage ramps up the long he’s engaged. Each 25% he’ll despawn, and you’ll just have the adds by themselves, the dps will kill those fast so they don’t nova, and they will keep spawning even when Ripsnarl’s back, so  you’ll be busy keeping everyone up from the damage the adds do, but try and keep LBx3+RJ on tank and ramp up your direct heals as needed.
Innervate as soon as you can make full use of it, as you’ll need to burn mana hard in the last phase. Also If things are looking bad for mana, I pop a potion of concentration at 50% transition as Ripsnarl leaves if people are mostly topped up and there aren’t adds up yet.
When he hits 25% and comes back he goes psycho doing lots more damage. So save your cooldowns, tranq/tree for then.

“Captain” Cookie

A fairly simple fun fight. No actual tanking, just damage going out tot he party as they get hit by food or stand in the bad food clouds. The bad food gets harder and harder to avoid as the fight goes on, so your healing will need to ramp up on the group.

Cookie on deck

Cookie arriving on deck

If some ‘good food’ lands near you, don’t be afraid to grab it, it will help with your healing. But don’t outrace your dps for it; the faster they kill cookie the better, as the ship will start to become overwhelmed with bad food. Save your treeform for late in the fight, when there will be a fair load of aoe damage on the whole party.

Don’t loot the note that drops until everyone’s ready, it starts the next boss event. If someone DOES start before you’re ready – immediately drop and drink so you’re ready yourself 🙂

Vanessa VanCleef

Vanessa is a multi-phase fight where you spend a large amount of time under the influence of her dream poison. The encounter starts when someone uses the note left behind after defeating Cookie. She sends the whole party into a dream sequence in parts of the instance:

Vanessa's nightmare poison

1. Molten Vat: you’ll all appear floating down, click on the four valves to escape.

Vanessa's molten vat

Molten vat - four valves to click

2. You’ll be thrown out on the ramp and slowed/stunned for a bit, wait for that to wear off, as afterwards fire with be sprayed on the ground, and you don’t want to be standing in it. Once the fire appears, run down the ramp in the safe spots. White AOE targets appear on the ground as well, showing where an  ice-fall will occur. Wait for that to fall then keep moving. Throw a RJ to anyone that gets hit, and a SM if they get hit twice. You shouldn’t have to heal anyone much more than that, the only damage on the way down is environmental/avoidable. Near the bottom of the ramp you’ll need to drop off to the side and head to the doorway where a nightmare Glubtok awaits. He’s a simple tank and spank.

Nightmare Glubtok

Nightmare Glubtok

3. Once he’s died, everyone needs to shuffle into the corner, as the nightmare will shift again and you will fight Helix. Multiple spiders spawn in the room, but you don’t need to kill those for the phase to end, just Helix, so staying tight in the corner avoids as many spiders as you can. Any that do aggro the tank can pick up, so be aware of the tank taking more and more damage as the fight continues. Your dps should be focussing on Helix, so you shouldn’t have to heal them at all in this phase.

In the corner ready for Helix

In the corner ready for Helix

4. After Helix dies, the spiders all despawn and the nightmare shifts again. This time your party will be running through a gauntlet of lightning slicers, down to a nightmare Foe Reaper. The slicers will almost one-shot your party members, so throw them a RJ+SM if you’re safe, but don’t comprimise your own safety.
Lightning gauntlet

Lightning gauntlet

Let the tank go first… Near the bottom there’s a safe spot against the wall you can stand in and heal the tank – otherwise it’s okay/safe to run in as well as long as the tank picks up the miniboss. Simple tank and spank. After the mini reaper dies, the gauntlet despawns, so you have time to rez anyone that didn’t make it through the slicers.

5. After the reaper dies, the nightmare will shift once more and you’ll be heading back to the ship. Along the way there are NPCs (HArrington family members) being attaacked by worgen. The dps/tank should kill the worgen, you should target each NPC and see how their health is going, as you can heal them. The NPCs must survive. Keep the NPC at least at 25% health (they have 375k health or so) while healing up your tank/party members. The worgen tend to fixate on the NPCs, so don’t stop keeping an eye on their health.
Once I’m at the last NPC on top of the ship, I pop tree form and DPS. It’s a race to kill the last worgen (James Harrignton aka Admiral Ripsnarl himself!) before he drops the hapless lady over the side.
Then, you’re ready to fight Vanessa.

Vanessa awaits

If your party are good at avoiding environmental damage, the gauntlet won’t have been to bad for you. Vanessa’s fight however is a fairly hectic healing fight.
The tank should pick her up and fight her in the middle of the ship. The issue for you is that adds spawn from the cabin in pairs. Your party may have set up a way of dealing with this (eg tank grab melee mobs, dps kill casters first then melee) but in any case you will need to stick close-ish to the tank to help him grab mobs from you. The dps will be taking a bit of damage from the adds and there is a bit of environmental damage, as these adds are the same as from the ones in the mine – popping out damage/dps bubbles, aoe debuss on party members etc. All the while Vanessa will shadowstep around the boat, causing the tank a headache.
Two or three times during this melee, she will jump to the roof of the ship and set it on fire. Ropes spawn on the port side of the ship, chose one, use it, swing out and back. Anyone who doesn’t chose a rope quickly will need a top up when you land back on the ship.

Trees can swing too!

The tank picks up Vanessa and it’s rinse and repeat except with ever-increasing fire on deck, till she’s about to die, then one final rope swing and the fight is over. There’s a fair amount of damage going out late in the fight, so I often find I need to pop tree and chain that with barksinned-tranquillity in the later stages.
One final note: I find it helpful to indicate which rope I’m taking *before* someone starts the encounter. I just stand at the far right rope spawn point and say in party chat “reserving myself the right-most rope”. Then keep on that sie of the ship as Vanessa prepares to engulf the ship.
A great instance for druids, especially with so much healing on the move.

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