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Lost City of the Tol’vir


This instance is probably the shortest of the Cata heroics, I’ve been in a group that cleared it in about 20 mins. But all of the bosses require some pretty alert healing/dispelling

Trash groups

If your group composition allow it, Entangling roots is quite a useful CC in here, as there’s a melee mob in most of the manataur groups. There are crocodiles in the packs that can be Hibernated, but they are non-elite, so not worth it unless you find one beating on you.

The pygmy stacks do a conflagrate/dragonsbreath attack on the tank that you should dispel if you can, as they tend to deaggro when the tank is debuffed.

Acquiring my focus for Entangling


The two captains (one either side on the way to the first boss) do a melee range earthquake, so be alert for the tank/melee needing extra healing as they move out of this. Other than that these guys are simple.

General Husam

The General’s abilities are bombs, shockwave and bad intentions, he also raves in broken English about… stuff. If you listen carefully you can almost understand it without reading the text. Almost. I think he raves to distract you from watching for his environmental effects…

General Husam's bombs

He scatters bombs all over the place, everyone needs to move so that they are about 6 yards away from any bombs. They glow yellow when they are about to detonate so you can see clearly where the free space is.

Shockwave has an obvious ground dust effect, so stay away from that.

General Husam's Shockwave

The main thing to worry about as a healer are his bad intentions. He occasionally picks someone up (non tank), does about 40-50k damage to them and throws them against the central pillar. They can also land where bombs are about to detonate, so you need to make sure that you try keep everyone topped up as much as practical, and keep an eye on who he grabs so you can be ready to top them up with an emergency heal.

Other than that, this is a great fight to be a druid healer, as there’s lots of moving to stay away from the bombs.

Lockmaw & Augh

The real difficulty for this fight is Lockmaw, once he’s down and Augh is up, you’re basically done. With that in mind, Lockmaw is the subject of many cheesy tactics to avoid crocs spawning/agroing. I’m not going into those here; I’ll cover how we’ve killed him successfully, many times, and without cheese.

Evissar prepares a fish feast to appease Lockmaw

We fight him fairly central to his area, I stand on the hip of Lockmaw so that when the adds agro on me they can be easily picked up/dpsed down. Don’t stand on the tail, that does damage. I zoom my camera all the way out so that I can keep an eye on where Augh is, and flee when he whirlwinds in my direction.

Watch for the poison spit, it splashes so it’s good if the ranged are fairly spread out. Just dispel it asap, as it’s a fairly high damge tick. Also keep an eye on whoever is the focus target for the adds, they may need extra heals.

When he hits about 20% health, he enrages doing more damage, we can dispel that with Soothe.

Once he’s dead, move out of his spawn spot and have a drink, as Augh comes and will aggro if you’re too close.

Augh talks smack. Who bad?!

Unlike Lockmaw, Augh’s frenzy can’t be soothed, so don’t bother there. Stay well away from Augh but in range of all of your party members, dispel his poison attack and dragon’s breath, and you should only have tank and a little melee healing as long as everyone is staying out of his whirlwind.

High Prophet Barim

This is a two phase fight, first in the real world, then into the shadow realm, then back out into the real world again (okay, that’s three phases…)

I struggle during the shadow phase, and always pop treeform then to keep up with the AOE damage.

High Prophets like fish too.

In phase one it’s best of yourself and the range are fairly spread out, as he spits a disease that spreads to nearby targets and applies a dot. You’ll just need to heal through that, but it’s best if it only effects on person at a time. If a ranged moves near you, just step away. You’ll also need to watch for the beam of fire, with a high latency you’ll probably take a tick or two of this moving out, so you’ll need to top up anyone who’s been targeted by this. Melee can sometimes take an extra tick if they don’t notice it against the boss.

Also keep an eye on where the phoenix spawns, anyone nearby will need a heal as they move out iof its aoe. Also if your kiter is getting a bit close they may need extra heals.

The final thing to watch for in phase one is Fifty Lashings. During this your tank will be taking more damage. I’ve read that you can back pedal out of this to avoid some damage, but I haven’t chatted to our tanks about it so I’m not sure. It’s something you could suggest if you’re having trouble healing through it.

Once he hits 50% he’ll cast repentance, sucking the entire party to him into a shadow realm. First and most importantly is everyone needs to get away from Barim as he has a close range damage aura that you won’t be able to heal through. There is also a small amount of continual aoe pulsing damage throughout this phase, so I pop tree form fairly early on. Innervate yourself now if needed as well.

Secondly the phoenix (shadow version is called harbinger) will spawn and should be tanked while being kited away from soul fragments as they pop from party members – they heal the harbinger if they reach it. Stay out of the fire (obviously) and heal up the tank while maintaining aoe hots in the form of LBs and/or RJs on your party. I usually find I need tranquillity towards the end of this phase to keep everyone up.

Once the harbinger is dead it’s back to the normal realm and a repeat of phase one. Spread out, avoid beams and phoenixes, heal the tank until the prophet is dead. Drink up, no more trash between here and the end boss.


Like Barim, another boss with lots of aoe damage. He spams water bolt or something on random party members throughout the whole fight, you just need to heal through that.

Siamat... hard to stand still for a screenshot!

Not long after engaging, Siamat will shield himself and start summoning adds, servants and minions.

Minions can pretty much be ignored. They chain lightning, so stay fairly spread out, but they decay in health fairly quickly and die by themselves, leaving behind a storm that everyone should stay out of. It has a green swirl on the ground, so it’s fairly easy to see (unless there’s an efflorescence there!).

Servants should be tanked and dpsed down. Once three of those have been spawned, Siamat drops his shield and enters phase two.

He starts the phase by throwing everyone in the air and tossing them around. this does constant damage to the party, so try to have everyone topped up going into this phase. I throw a RJ on everyone in range, which tends to vary as you’re thrown around, but don’t stress too much about it. I usually innervate during this period as well.

After he drops the party, dps focus on the boss. Minions will keep spawning, but again can be ignored. It’s just more damage for us to heal through. Make sure everyone stays out of green swirls/storms and keep everyone topped up as much as possible. I often pop treeform as we are dropped into phase 2, as the party usually needs topping up and I’m on the move, avoiding clouds and keeping everyone in range.

I often run totally dry on mana by the end of Siamat and stand there refreshing LB on the tank and using the clear casts to RG-top-up the party members as I can. Just hang in there, this part is all about the dps popping their cooldwons and dragging him over the line.

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