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The Vortex Pinnacle


This heroic gives me a love-hate feeling. I love the architecture and the lightness and space of the instance. And I love healing it on my druid.

I have had some nightmarish experiences healing it on my priest, hence the love-hate thing. I can say this is a great heroic to be a druid – all three of the bosses have a great deal of movement, and heavily reward HoTs, and Entangling roots is a great choice for CC on the trash.

Trash groups

The early trash in the instance is all elementals. Because of this, the CC options for your party could be limited depending on your party makeup. A shaman, a hunter and a warlock make strong CC options. If you’re lacking those, you can offer to Entangle a melee elemental, especially on some of the larger trash pulls.

CCing trash in Vortex Pinnacle

Note that Cloud princes cannot be CCed and that they spawn little elementals, so you’ll want to be closeish to the tank on pulls that include Cloud princes.

One final note about the elemental trash: some of them explode when they die, and knock back. I tend to put my back against a wall where possible, so I don’t get punted over an edge.

Avoiding hurricanes helps lower the damage output of the large groups

Later in the instance the trash changes to tol’vir groups. These are humanoids and can all be CCed as usual (with a major caveat). The Executors make a good Entangling roots target, but they do have a shockwave/knockback, so the party will need to move away from them.

The major issue with CCing (and dpsing) these groups, is that two of the later pulls involve the group either standing in or pathing through an anti-magic pyramid. So your CCers will have to wait until the mobs have moved out of the pyramid before they apply their CCs.

Most groups tend to mark one of the Adepts for CC and another one as the first DPS target, as they are healers. I usually run with a shadow priest – and the Adepts make great MC targets, as they can heal for over 175k. MCing one of these can really help on big pulls, especially if you don’t have much other CC.


Grand Vizier Ertan

There’s no denying it, Ertan puts out lots of unavoidable hurt.

During his ‘shield extended’ phase, if the party is all fairly close in, they won’t take damage from being zapped by the cyclones. During this first phase you should just need to heal the tank.

ERtan with his shield extended

But keep an eye out. I heal this phase with my camera pointing outwards towards the shield. Once he begins to retract the cyclones, I look for a hole to slide through, and start Rejuving my party members on the way out.

Unless your party has a pre-arranged collapse point, people will probably go out of range during this phase. That’s okay. They will be taking damage from the arcing shield, but as long as people are topped up heading into the phase, they won’t die. Once he re-extends the shield, slide back into the centre through a hole between cyclones and throw any of your party that needs a heal a Rejuv. Go back to healing the tank.

Ertan's shield retracted. ZAP ZAP ZAP.

If you get into trouble at any stage, wait until he’s back in ‘shield extended’ mode and pop tranquility or tree of life. You almost certainly *won’t * be able to cast Tranq on the next boss, so you may as well burn it here.


This encounter is very enjoyable as a resto druid. If you are ‘upwind’, your HoTs will be ticking very fast, and healing will be… a breeze! (ha ha!)

To achieve this, I try to stay as close to the centre of the platform as I can. This way I can quickly move to the other side of the boss as needed to keep him downwind. This can sometimes mean you’re in front of the dragon and cop a frost breath. This is okay, the payoff in healing output is worth it. Throw yourself a Rejuv and watch your pain melt away!

Dodging the cyclones and staying upwind

My priorities for this fight:
1. Avoid mini cyclones
2. HoTs on tank, SM as needed
3. Stay upwind of the boss
4. Stay closeish to the middle of the room and or/the boss where possible, to allow quick switching when the wind switches
5. WG/RJ party members and refresh tank HoTs once you are upwind again, to make them more effective

Unless your party are utterly terrible at avoiding the mini cyclones, you should only need HoTs/SM for this fight, provided you are upwind. Having said that, if your party is getting low, find yourself a clearish patch upwind, and RJ and HT/Nourish people as needed to get them back into safe health territory.

If you get thrown by a cyclone yourself, a quick switch to cat form will lessen your falling damage. Shift back to caster form, reposition yourself to benefit from the wind and you’re good to go again.

Fun! Watch those HoT ticks fly… (and your party too sometimes, haha!)


Another fight involving lots of movement, plus some well timed dispels. This is a fight I’m glad to have Nature’s cure.

The main things for you to worry about are:
1. the damage that the star adds throw around. It’s random, like the star packs leading up to Asaad, so you’ll have to heal through it. It helps to have a ranged dps assigned to take them down when possible.

2. Asaad’s chain lightning. Ranged should be spread out roughly to avoid it jumping (about 15ft or more). He always seems to throw out a chain lightning just after his storm subsides, so be ready to WG as you run out from that:

3. Assad’s Storm. This is a room filling, massive damage AOE. About 10 seconds before he casts it, he starts drawing an anti-magic pyramid somewhere in the room. Everone needs to run and stand in this to avoid the storm. It’s not like the Gale in Erunax’s fight in Grim Batol, this is much worse. Anyone caught out of the pyramid during the storm will die. Which brings us to the clincher:

4. Static cling. This magic debuff locks you to the ground, so you can’t move. Asaad casts this on the ground, twice between each storm, just after a chain lightning. If you time it right, you can jump at the end of his cast, and avoid being on the ground when he casts it. Otherwise you’re ‘clung’ and  it needs to be dispelled.

But! it only needs to be dispelled so that people can run to the anti-magic pyramid. And because he will cling the ground twice between storms, you only need to dispel it the second time he casts it.

Al'Akir, your servant calls for aiighh...

Honestly – if mana isn’t an issue for you, and you’re getting confused by which ones to dispel, just dispel every cling from your party. Once you know the fight though, it just makes more sense to only dispel the second one each time.

That’s it – rinse and repeat until your Genie is rubbed out.

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