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Throne of the tides


I really enjoy this heroic – I didn’t get to do the normal version while levelling, so it was fun to step into for the first time. My main two observations are that a) it’s very pretty…. and more seriously b) I needed to do a lot of dispelling. I’m glad I have Nature’s Cure in my spec, as this instance rewards Magic, Curse and Poison dispelling.

There'll be no accusations, just friendly crustaceans...

There’s even an opportunity to dispel an enrage using Soothe!

Trash groups

The trash in Throne is pretty brutal, especially later in the instance. The early groups of 5 naga present lots of Entangling Roots opportunities, as there’s always one or two melee mobs in the group.

Opportunites for using entangle on trash

Most of the early trash is pretty standard, but after you return from the first two bosses, it switches up a bit. There are two ways to head, west leads to the Neptulon event, through the water elemental gauntlet:

Water elemental gauntlet

The main pain I found with this gauntlet is that the small Eles explode when they die and splash an aoe disease. This leaves a dot, lasts for 15 secs or so and stacks – so if your party is stacked around them you’ll find everyone starts to take lots of ticking damage. This is kind of okay – as long as you have a small break (15 sec!) between groups, or move out yourself at least from the group to clear your stack. This can be difficult as you do tend to get heal agro and then have one die on top of you just as your stack is about to clear. You may need to use tree form to keep the group up if the stacks are getting too high.

The large elementals cast an aoe pulsing aura that can be spellstolen or again Soothed – this makes the aoe damage on the party a lot easier to handle (thanks Naithin!)

At the end of the gauntlet, while the group are fighting the last two large elementals, press yourself right back against the final gate so that when they die you can step through a little into the last room and stop the respawns. Phew! (This position also means any new adds have to funnel through the tank to get to you, so you are safer there.)

When you head east to the optional boss Erunak, you have to fight through the gilgoblin trash. The faceless watchers there aren’t too bad, just run out of their AOE after they float you into the air and drop you. Anyone dropped that takes falling damage will need a hot to help them escape the AOE – and anyone on half health or less will probably die, so try to keep your party members topped up during the watcher trash.

If you have a priest in your party, ask them to levitate everyone but  the tank – you won’t take any aoe damage running out if you aren’t in contact with the ground.

Gilgoblin packs

The gilgoblins are nasty. The later packs in the corridor are 8-12, and although they are low health, their upfront damage is quite large, so expect your tank to take a large amount of damage on the pull. If the tank doesn’t already do this, suggest they should pop a cooldown or two on these pulls. We’ve tried a variety of strategies including MC pulling, but it still usually results in some heavy initial damage, so be ready: have the tank prehotted, and be ready to dispel the poison debuff that the hunters apply.


Lady Naz’jar

Not much to say specifically here, everyone should be avoiding the geysers and spores, and interrupting the shockblast – your tank will take a big damage hit otherwise, so look out for that. You can recover from that with some big heals, but you shouldn’t have to if your interrupters are doing their thing. If you see the tank almost one-shot, that’s what’s causing that.

Lady Naz'jar

Once the adds are up, two should be CCed (usually the casters, but you can entangle the melee guy of your CC balance leans that way). The caster adds chain lightning, so when they aren’t CCed/locked-down, be aware that clusters of people may need healing up. Stay spread out yourself somewhere that you can reach the tank and most of the party to heal.

Everyone should be avoiding the waterspouts, but throw a hot on someone if you notice that they’ve been picked up by a spout. If they get taken right out of the room, they’ll probably die anyway, so don’t worry too much, everyone should be avoiding them NOT being healed through them.

Commander Ulthok

A nice easy boss if everyone (including the tank) stays out of the black circles (dark fissures). We tank him to one side and slowly move him as he drops a black circle or as one expands to touch the tank. He’ll periodically pick someone up and squeeze them, then throw them away. You’ll need to focus your heals on that person, making sure they are topped up – once they are thrown they could land in the black goo, so they will need your help surviving to get back to safety. If you get picked up, be prepared to pop barkskin, then swiftmend yourself after the throw.

Commander Ulthok

One interesting thing about this boss is that he has a dispellable enrage, so you can use soothe to lessen the tank damage during the enrage phases:

Soothing the Commander

Otherwise, he’s a fairly simple tank and spank boss and shouldn’t cause you any problems healingwise.

Erunak Stonespeaker & Mindbender Ghur’sha

An optional two-part boss, Erunak returns from his questline in Vash’jr to show us his new hat.

What a nice hat

Phase one you’re dealing with Erunak: It’s great of you can have someone interrupting his Flame bolts, but they aren’t too scary if you don’t. Everyone should spread out and be avoiding his earth effects, so they shouldn’t be causing you too much grief. If you can, dispel the fire dot he puts up on the tank after his magma attack.

In phase 2, Ghur’sha discards Erunak and floats around, periodically hopping onto and MCing a party member, who will need to be dpsed down to 50% to make Ghur’sha discard them, so be ready to top that person back up. They might also be smothered in dots from their friendly party members, so it may help to throw them a couple of dispels as well 🙂

This phase is easy if you have someone who can dispel, purge or spellsteal Ghur’sha’s Absorb Magic buff, otherwise you’ll have to stop caster DPS when he’s absorbing magic: as it will heal him. Melee/hunters can keep at it though. You may find yourself running out of mana if he’s healing a lot and making the phase last forever… so explain the absorb magic thing if people don’t know about that.

He casts a very obvious green fog patch on the ground that everyone (including the tank) should move out of. He also channels an AOE that you may need to use tree/tranq to heal through, especially if you’re having trouble keeping up, but it isn’t a scary amount of damage.

Ozumat (Neptulon encounter)

This encounter involves the party protecting Neptulon then defeating Ozumat.

Ahh - my fearless assistants, I assume.

In the first phase there are adds, so stay with the tank. I mark up myself and the tank so I can see where we both are in the chaos:

The beast has returned! It must not pollute my waters!

Basically there are murlocs and faceless ones, the faceless ones hit hard but your tank will pick them up. Stay with the tank, you may get some murloc aggro but they don’t hit very hard. After a while (not sure if it’s timer or mob-kill triggered) you’ll enter phase two. Three faceless will channel corruption on Neptulon, that the dps should focus one by one and kill. Meanwhile, large black inky beasts spawn one-by-one, that the tank needs to pick up as they arrive and kite.
All the while, Ozumat is spraying ink into the room that everyone should avoid. Stay with the tank as he kites around the room – the beasts hit quite hard, but they move slowly, so the tank shouldn’t be taking a huge amount of damage from the beasts, but s/he may get into trouble kiting with ink all over the place, so keep your healing focus on the tank, throwing up a hot on dps if they get inked.

Phase three starts once the chanellers die. Now Neptulon buffs the party and we kill Ozumat outside the bubble. If you haven’t used tree from yet, use it now and spam wrath at Ozumat! You are a FREAKING HUGE tree which is fun, and the race is on to kill Ozumat before the empowered damage/healing overwhelms the party.

That’s it! One fun instance that ends with a giant tree. And you got to use Soothe, does it get any better?! 😉

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