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Current soloing projects

My current progress in soloing raids/instances. I have only added things that are nontrivial, so I haven’t added Karazan for example. Where there is a blog post about my soloing efforts I’ll link to it. As I move through the instances I’ll update here.

This is mainly for my own progress tracking – there’s nothing amazing or ground-breaking about any of this. But if you’d like to solo some old school instances, maybe my own experiences might help you – and that’s great. If you have any feedback or suggestions, they’re most welcome, please leave a comment.

Original raids

Status Notes
Molten Core Completed
Blackwing Lair Not attempted Needs two/three for Razorgore
AQ20 Completed at 80 10 man now?
AQ40 In progress Skeram, Sartura, Fankriss, Huhu
Zul’Gurub Completed at 80 No longer available, completed back in the day

Burning Crusade raids

Status Notes
Gruul’s Lair Not attempted HKM was an issue at 80, not sure at 85.
Magtheridon Completed
Zul’Aman Not attempted
Serpentshrine Caverns Not attempted
Tempest Keep Not attempted 3-manned Kael’thas though
Mount Hyjal Trash only
Serpentshrine Caverns Not attempted
Black Temple Trash only Najentus’ spike is supposed to make this unsoloable. Will need to check it out
Sunwell Plateau Not attempted 3-manned Kalecgos though

Wrath of the Lich King heroic instances

Status Notes
Utgarde Keep Completed Downed Keleseth Jan 28
The Nexus Completed February 12
Azjol-Nerub Completed February 26
The Old Kingdom Completed March 26
Drak’Tharon Keep Completed January 31
Violet Hold Completed February 19
Gundrak Not attempted
Halls of Stone Not attempted
Oculus Not attempted Not sure about soloing Eregos
Halls of lightning Completed March 27
Utgarde Pinnacle Completed January 31
Culling of Stratholme Not attempted
Trial of the Champion Not attempted
Forge of souls Not attempted Think the other two would be tough… this might be worth a try

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