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Vial of the sands: completed

It’s a good feeling to farm for something and make it yourself. Thanks to the guildies whom I begged/borrowed/bought transmutes from to make my truegold. After a lot of digging and farming, I can finally turn myself into a dragon:

Vial of the sands!

Yay! Third Jar opened, and I closed my eyes as I opened it, not wanting to look. I heard the soft paper noise as the recipe accompanied the clunk of the hardened organs dropping into my bags.

Vial of the sands discovered

The grind was worth it after all...

Now the truegold grind begins =D


I enjoy having goals, ‘projects’ to do while playing. Currently I have a few on the go, so I’m prioritising gear but balanced with not getting bored farming the same thing too much. I’m working on:
1. Darkmoon Card: Tsunmai
My trinkets are fairly weak, so this will be a good entry trinket for raiding for me. I have an 80 scribe, so I farmed some herbs using Glow, and mailed them back to my scribe and got her to 525 Inscription.

Now it’s herbs, herbs. herbs. Specifically, I’ve been farming Whiptail. Twilight Jasmine and Whiptail both give the best yield on the top level pigments, but the phasing in Twilight Highlands makes herbing so incredibly frustrating, I’m forced into the Whiptail grind.

Whiptail overload

My nightmares look like this

I’ve farmed enough herbs to make just over a dozen cards, and have been lucky enough to get 5 waves cards, so I’ve been selling the leftovers and hoping to make enough gold to buy my gaps.

2. Vial of the Sands
Specifically the recipe. So lots of Kalimdor archeology. It gets a bit (okay very) eyebleeding doing fossils and night elf digs all day, but maybe I’ll get lucky and find Tyrande’s favorite doll in my research, and that will round out my trinkets.

3. Fox kit
A guildie told me about this little pet. He was lucky enough to get it first drop (gratz Rince!) but I’ve had a minor farm with no luck yet. Spent only 20 mins wandering around, as I’m concentrating on my other two big projects at the moment, but it was a nice break from herbs 🙂