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Setting up custom debuffs in Grid

When there’s a specific debuff I need to react to quickly, I need to have it displayed prominently on my raid frames. I use Grid, so I’m going to show you how I set up custom debuff tracking, using the centre icon:

Custom debuffs in Grid, tracking as a center icon

Pros: This method doesn’t rely on any Grid plugins, so if you don’t use or have the latest raid debuff plug in for Grid, you can set up like this. It will also work for tracking debuffs in 5 mans or solo if you use Grid in those situations as well.

Cons: It’s pretty simple to set up for the occasional debuff you need to track, but it would be very time consuming to set up for multiple debuffs/buffs. If you raid with Grid and want to do that, you should download and use the raid debuff icon plug in (which I highly recommend).

In this example, I will show how I set up to track the magic damage over time spell that Ascendant Lord Obsidius in Blackrock Caverns. This spell annoys me, because it’s magic based, and he also casts a thunderclap that’s magic which I don’t need to universally dispel. In my Grid setup these both show as a blue dot, so it’s hard for me to distinguish between them.  So here’s how I set up Grid to show this DoT.

Step by step

Step 1

I need to know what the spell is called in order to enter it in Grid. So I head off to Wowhead and look up Blackrock Caverns bosses. Under Ascendant Lord Obsidius I see his abilities:

Looking up the debuff's name

Okay, so it’s called Twilight Corruption. Note that Grid’s custom debuff tracking is case sensitive. So it’s important to get the capital T and C here.

Step 2

Open Grid’s options.

Go to the ‘Status’ menu, and expand it to the ‘Auras’ subsection. In the ‘Add new Debuff’ box type the name of the debuff you want to track (don’t forget the capitals!). Click Okay.

Adding the debuff

The name of the debuff will disappear from the text entry box, but that’s okay.

You can add critical buffs on players the same way. If for example you want to know if someone else is already being innervated before you cast one, you could enter ‘Innervate’ in the ‘Add new Buff’ text box. (Bad example, but you get the idea I hope.)

Step 3

Now to display this new debuff. Go into the ‘Indicators’ menu, and expand it.

Selecting where to display the debuff

Select ‘Center Icon’ and scroll down until you see your new debuff listed. (In this case ‘Twilight Corruption’) Tick the box next to this.

(You can choose to set this up on something other than the Center icon – I just find this to be the most obvious for my UI, and it’ all about reacting quickly to critical buffs and debuffs.)


Now whenever this debuff is active it will show on your Grid.

End result

Here’s a custom debuff I set up in action so you can see how it looks.

Pain and Suffering as the center icon

In Shadowing Keep, Baron Ashbury’s Pain and Suffering can be interrupted or dispelled. To free up our interrupters, I dispel this. Originally I was really slow doing this, but once I set it up as an icon in Grid it became really easy.

Baron Ashbury and Pain and Suffering on Grid