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Addon spotlight – LootCount

LootCount is a lightweight little addon that helps keep track of items in your bags for you, without you having to open your bags and count things up to see how you’re progressing. I use it when herbing, fishing or collecting items for rep/achievements.

Here’s how I have mine set up in-game:

LootCount, showing my fishing catches

And here’s how easy it is to set up.

Step 0 – how to download and install

You can download LootCount from WoW Interface or Curse. Once you’ve downloaded it, unzip it, and copy the LootCount folder into your World of Warcraft -> Interface -> Addons folder. Load up the game, and check to make sure its in your enabled addons, in the character selection screen.

Step 1 – how to count your loot

Once you’re in the game, type /lc to toggle the small green LootCount frame’s visibility. (If your frame doesn’t appear first time, relog and try again, this is a known issue for the first time load.) Once the green frame is visible, you can move it by clicking and dragging on the corner of the frame. Drop the frame where you’d like your loot icons to appear.

To get LootCount to start tracking, you need to have one of the items to track in your inventory. Once you’ve caught/gathered/looted your first item, drag it from your bags and drop it into the centre frame, like this:

40 Sagefish

The dark squares show where you can drop other items. Once you’ve let go of the item’s icon, the dark squares disappear, and the centre frame will display how many of that item you have in your bags. Often, I just leave it at that, and just track one item. In this case, Deepsea Sagefish.

Step 2 – how to count even more loot

To add more items to your tracking, drag a second item of another type out of your bag, and hover over the lootcount frame. The surrounding dark squares will appear. Drop your new item onto one of the squares and hey presto:

Sagefish AND eels!

You can keep building up more and more items as you farm/fish.herb/loot.

Sagefish and eels and water and ...

To remove items from the frame, double right click on its icon.

That’s it!

For those who like to delve deeper into addons and features, read on. Ninety-nine percent of the time I only track one or two items as above, but I do like to explore other features, like below:

Menu options

To bring up most of the options for LootCount, right click on an edge of the centre frame (but not the corners):

LootCount menu

Some options you may want to consider:

  • Lock – will lock the frame in place, as well as disable removing of items from the frame
  • Fade center frame – will make the green rectangle fade away when you are not interacting with the frame
  • Set “LootCountREP” etc… I generally have these addon plugins turned off to simplify the menus, but may be useful if you wish to use the same mod to track rep/exp etc
  • Bigger/smaller text is useful especially if you resize the icons and/or set goals (see below)
  • Include bank / include alts – this is very useful if you’ve banked or ‘muled’ items when farming to make space, but still want to track your total counts. Switching both of these on and the display looks like this:

Including alts/bank

The top left grey number in the number of the item you have in your bags, the lower right number is your overall total, including (in this case) the character’s bank and on alts. Note that you can get all of this information in detail when you hover over each item.

Item options

Set goal – you can set a goal for each item to keep track of how close you are to a target. Right click on each item, select ‘Set goal’ and enter the number of items you’re aiming for. Select ‘Accept’. The item should be displayed with a count of how many you have left to reach your goal. This is a bit buggy in the current version, but a lua fix is explained over at wowinterface.

Command line options

Resizing – to change the size of the frame, use the text comands: /lc tiny, small, medium, normal, big. You’ll almost certainly want to enlarge your icons if you’re tracking totals across alts/bank or tracking goals. It’s a lot of text to fit on a tiny icon if you track more than one number.

Toggling LootCount on and off is easy – just type ‘/lc’. For more text options, type ‘/lc config’.


Another neat thing about LootCount is the tooltip integration. Whenever you hover over an item in your inventory, a small LootCount icon appears in the top left of your tooltip:

LootCount tooltip

I use TipTac to manage my tooltips, But I imagine it would work the same with the default tooltip, or other tooltip mods. This also works with items that are linked in chat channels – really useful if a guildie asks “does anyone have any peacebloom?” You can ask them to link the item and when you click on it you can see how many you have (great if you’re also tracking alts/bank).

That’s itย  – LootCount, makes collecting and managing your farmed items a little bit easier ๐Ÿ™‚


I enjoy having goals, ‘projects’ to do while playing. Currently I have a few on the go, so I’m prioritising gear but balanced with not getting bored farming the same thing too much. I’m working on:
1. Darkmoon Card: Tsunmai
My trinkets are fairly weak, so this will be a good entry trinket for raiding for me. I have an 80 scribe, so I farmed some herbs using Glow, and mailed them back to my scribe and got her to 525 Inscription.

Now it’s herbs, herbs. herbs. Specifically, I’ve been farming Whiptail. Twilight Jasmine and Whiptail both give the best yield on the top level pigments, but the phasing in Twilight Highlands makes herbing so incredibly frustrating, I’m forced into the Whiptail grind.

Whiptail overload

My nightmares look like this

I’ve farmed enough herbs to make just over a dozen cards, and have been lucky enough to get 5 waves cards, so I’ve been selling the leftovers and hoping to make enough gold to buy my gaps.

2. Vial of the Sands
Specifically the recipe. So lots of Kalimdor archeology. It gets a bit (okay very) eyebleeding doing fossils and night elf digs all day, but maybe I’ll get lucky and find Tyrande’s favorite doll in my research, and that will round out my trinkets.

3. Fox kit
A guildie told me about this little pet. He was lucky enough to get it first drop (gratz Rince!) but I’ve had a minor farm with no luck yet. Spent only 20 mins wandering around, as I’m concentrating on my other two big projects at the moment, but it was a nice break from herbs ๐Ÿ™‚