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This week in images

Some great pugs this week (and amusing guild chat)

And some great guild heroics

Evissar levitates down to Nef's room

Chimaeron surprises us all by dying first pull

Atramedes roars

Voros and Glowberry attempt to 2-man Onyxia

Glowberry in full Stormrage... except the hat is the lvl 80 version

Tiny shale spider

Kael drops the Ashes, everyone is too polite to roll šŸ™‚

Kalecgos + Kael’thas 3-man

Well after a sadly unsuccessful 3-man SWP attempt (Brutallus requires 30kdps, and we just can’t do that with me also needing healing) we headed into Tempest Keep to have a look at Kael.

Our usual 3-man team: myself as feral tank, Shigeko (shadow priest) and Wilson (ele shaman).


In Sunwell plateau, we did have a successful play with the Kalecgos encounter. The trash on the way is fairly brutal, skip as much as you can, and burn down the cabalists and priests in each blood elf group as a priority.

Clearing trash approaching Kalecgos

On our first attempt on Kalegcos we had to hearth out to reset him, we ‘killed’ him in the normal realm before the demon in the shadow realm, and so the encounter just hung. After flying back and heading back in, we decided to tighten up our strat. Shigeko and Wilson stood together to take the first portal, while I stayed with Kalegcos and tanked. They took two portal phases to kill the demon, we had to be fairly careful with dps on Kalecgos not to over do it, but in the end this strat was successful.

Kalecgos 3 man

Then after our unsuccessful chat with Brutalus, we headed out to Tempest Keep.


We skipped the other bosses and headed straight in to Kael. The trash here was much easier, we cleared to KT, and his room. there are no longer patrols that come into his room, so once his room was clear we were good to go.

Clearing his adds one at a time was simple. To simplify positioning later, we tanked the 3 melee adds (Thaladras, Telonicas and Sanguinar) pretty much on the one spot, with Capernian off to one side by herself.

Clearing the terrible four. This is merely a setback.

Similarly, we tanked the melee weapons/shield all around the base of the stairs. I left the bow/staff alone for the others to kill. Once they were down, I looted the dagger (Infinity blade) and Wilson looted the staff (Disintegration).

Then back to the adds, this time super-charged. I picked up the three melee, and once again left Capernian to Wilson and Shigeko to burn down fast. Then we killed Telonicus and the other two. Then we had just Kael and the phoenix to deal with.

During the following two phases I took a lot of damage. Kael’s pyroblast still hurts, and with only two of us we didn’t always get a chance to burn his shield to interrupt it. Also, I couldn’t use the bulwark legendary, and in any case needed to use the dagger so I had to eat pyroblasts mostly.

The other killer for us was Mind control. AS there were only three of us, his MC got the other two every cast. We ended up managing this by having them stand near me, and I broke them out of MC by wielding the dagger and hitting them till they came to. Gently of course. Ok, so I mangled them once or twice by habit. Sorry! Shigeko basically spent all of this phase healing – we were all taking lots of damage, and with one dps down trying to keep us up, this was the most dangerous phase for us.

Kael'thas 3-man

In any case, finally we made it to the air phase, so no more MC, just the pesky phoenixes that we burned down as they popped, then back to Kael. Till finally we defeated him, but no lovely mount for us today. Maybe next week. šŸ™‚