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Soloing Molten Core


Another soloing adventure! My Hydraxian Waterlords rep is abysmal, as back in vanilla I farmed MC on my original druid, before rerolling my current incarnation. So, not much rep. Farmed MC for a while at 80 with mates… but once we hit revered it becomes a slow grind. So I thought I’d go see how I went soloing.

I screwed up a few things, being my first time there solo, but my estimate is that it would take about 30 minutes to clear once I know what I’m doing.


Most of the trash is skippable/stealthable at 85. The ancient corehounds detect stealth, so it’s easier to try to avoid these than to stealth around them.

The corehound packs (as usual) were a bit of a pain. I tabbed through them lacerating, and swipe/thrashed them on cooldown. That was working okay untilI made an error, and when I tried shadowmelding the pack reset… but then when I re-engaed they wouldn’t despawn when dead – so try to avoid tricks like that. I had to go through shenanigans to get to Magmadar.

Other than that the trash is all pretty much skip or kill, none of the rest of it is difficult.


Lucifron I tanked in bear form and popped beserk early to burn down his adds then him. His curse is annoying, but not worth popping out to dispel.

Magmadar was fine I bear-tanked him as well. He has a lot of health – I might have been better off in cat form.

Gehennas I forgot >.> and had to go back when I discovered Majordomo wasn’t up. Anyway he was simple as well, I pulled him against a wall to avoid patrols then burned down his adds and then him. Dispel his annoying curse when you’re done.

Garr was easy, I bear tanked him. I didn’t clear any trash in his room, just backed myself deep into the wall behind him to avoid getting knowcked around by his add explosions. Killed the adds, then him.

Baron Geddon – I picked him up and pulled him into the entrance tunnel and killed him in cat form.

Shazzrah I pulled into a ‘safe looking spot’ but still picked up a patrolling core hound. Wasn’t an issue – I killed the hound then went back to Shaz. I tanked him as cat form as well.

Sulfuron – erg. He was annoying as always. I tanked him against a wall, but I kept getting knocked around anyway – which screwed my burst damage and my interrupts. Anyway, I tanked him as a bear, popped beserk early and managed to kill one of his priests. Then it was a combination of quick target switching, interrupts and plain luck to get his other healers down. then I burned him down. Painful.

Golemagg I cleared a patrolling surger and hound that I noticed going through his area. I then Backed him against a wall and it was tank and spank for my bear. The adds died repeatedly, but it makes no difference.

Majordomo was easy enough, again i tanked in bear form and popped beserk early. I killed his healers first then his elites, I did move out of his lava pit when teleported, but not sure it did enough damage to bother. More habit than anything.

Ragnaros was a bit trickier. I tanked him in bear form, positioned in the traditional spot so that you get knocked onto the shelf of rock. First attempt went badly. Every time I was thrown he did his ranged attack for no melee, and it hurt a LOT. Just as I was about to die I played with the ‘charge while airborne’ trick and it worked. I died anyway, rezzed and ran back. Second attempt was much easier. Tanked in bear again, every time he knocked me back I charged back in mid-flight, so he never got ‘out of melee’. I didn’t *quite* manage to kill him before he submerged, but the adds were trivial, and I killed him soon after.