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Collecting the new pets – 4.0.3a

Standing in Stormwind wondering what to do with myself, and I see someone wander past with a huge hound pet. HUGE hound. I follow the poor guy nonchalantly and discover it’s called a ‘Tracking hound’ and has the <Player’s guardian> tag. Hmmmm…

Over to wowhead and I find that Houndmaster Loksey’s hound whistle has had a makeover;  it’s now a trinket with a 10 minute cooldown, and the pet itself lasts 10 minutes. Woo! Permanent hound!.. off to Scarlet Monastery I go.

Of course, it doesn’t take long and my location is noticed. Shigeko asks why on EARTH I am in Scarlet Monastery library, and so I explain. (Repeated mentions of a HUGE hound convince him I’m not insane. Well, perhaps not.)

So after obtaining my hound, Shigeko and I do a little research on other pet-like additions in 4.0.3a (ok to be honest, he does the research, I was already parading around with my new doggy friend).

Four new pets, currently available in 4.0.3a:

  1. Withers. I have this little guy on my newly minted mage I’m levelling. Available from Darkshore quests. need to go out and get him for Glow.
  2. Tiny flamelfy. Glowberry has this cutie now, available from Burning Steppes quests. (I’ve never managed to farm the Zangarmarsh firefly on Glowberry, so this is a nice addition to her companions)
  3. Singing Sunflower: available from the Plants v Zombies mini game in Hillsbrad. (Glowberry went out to get this first, I love PvZ and the pet randomly sings bits from the theme song. Very cute)
  4. Mr Grubbles. The finest in understated elegance. A worm pet that somersaults, available from Eastern Plaguelands quests/farming. Possibly my favourite; who can say no to a backflipping maggot?!

Glow is also currently exploring the new world and working on her Gilneas rep; hopefully farming herself 4k justice points before December 7 so that she can buy a few nice blue items at level 85. More about her heroic farming in another post.

Edit: I should mention that my new hound died within 30 seconds of entering his first heroic. As he’s a guardian and not a non-combat pet, he does take damage from AOE etc. Also, after his 10 min are up, Shigeko reports that he dies HORRIBLY, witha terrible whimper, and feet in the air. Dog lovers beware!