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Healing with Nature’s Grace

I’ve recently discovered the beauty that is Nature’s grace.

Learning is fun.

I admit I specced into it blindly. Yes it looks useful, and yes all the cookie cutter resto builds take it, but I’d never really thought about what it meant, nor about specifically weaving it into my healing. That’s changed.

I’ve talked before about my healing style in Cataclysm, and about layering hots and ramping up through Nourishes to HT spam as needed to increase my throughput. What I’ve (finally) realised is that Nature’s grace means I can carefully us Regrowth when I need more throughput, and gain an amazing burst tool: 15% haste for 15 seconds.

The one minute cooldown on this means I need to be careful not to throw around regrowths ‘willy nilly’*, but save RG back for when I need it most: on the pull, during phase/tank transitions, during high damage phases. I’ve been using it this way over the last week, in our first steps into BWD and during heroics, the added throughput *when I need it* is a life saver.

It adds another great healing tool to the bulging druid toolbox. (… now just for better burst aoe heals. Maybe the 4.0.6 changes to Nature’s bounty will help alleviate this – looking forward to seeing how it plays out.)

* Edit, footnote:

Before I started playing with Nature’s grace, in non-tank-critical moments I used regrowth on my clearcast procs to top up a party/raid member. I still *do* that, but not without thought and knowing when my last Nature’s grace haste was procced. Now if I’m getting close to NG-haste being up again, I use HT or SM on clearcasts to top up, holding back my RG for a damage spike.