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Being asked to heal

Playing a hybrid class brings lots of utility to a party, a raid, or even a guild. But when it comes to crunch time and you are asked to perform a role you don’t enjoy – how do you respond?

Lets consider a scenario. Glowbird is a moonkin. She’s researched her class, geared/gemmed/chanted/forged for dps, practiced on dummies for hours, poured of the spreadsheets… she lives to burn her enemies with white lasers from the sky. When the raid is in trouble she casts tranquillity. When the tank is down she casts rebirth. When the healers are down she spams Healing touch until she has no more.

But she hates healing.

She tried it a few times – healed some heroics for guildies early in 2008. It wasn’t disastrous, but she didn’t enjoy it at all. It was another layer back from the combat, and she felt like an onlooker rather than a participant. Why play when the other four party members played and she only got to watch? No. Thanks.

And then one evening, they can’t fill that last healer spot and the raid leader asks Glowbird to heal for the night.

The question itself ellicits a number of different reactions, and it’s highly context dependent, but it interests me. It also provokes a number of questions that I’d like to discuss here. There’s also a parallel discussion for ‘being asked to tank’, so replace ‘heal’ with ‘tank’ if it best fits your own role.

If you’re a hybrid class and you don’t mind healing, you have a healing offspec and a few bits of gear aside for that role… then I’m assuming you’d probably say ‘yes’. If you say yes but feel uncomfortable about raid healing, you might let your raid leader know “I’m a bit rusty” or “as long as it’s just till Glowberry is back” or similar.

But what if you actually dislike healing? Is it okay to just say ‘no’?

By playing a hybrid class, you can sometimes feel very ‘put on the spot’ when you’re asked to pinch heal, knowing that if you say ‘no’ the raid might not go ahead. This can be really awkward, especially when there are genuine reasons for saying no, that go beyond ‘I just don’t feel like it’.

So the question is: when you roll a hybrid class, do you sign up for a hybrid role?

This kind of thing is thrown around in trade chat and/or pugs with reckless abandon; usually Glowbird would be told something like “if you want to dps, reroll a mage”.

Is Glowbird within her rights to say “I rolled a druid to play a moonkin, it’s what I enjoy and am good at. I’m really sorry we can’t raid tonight, but I’m just not a healer.” Or are the other 24 raiders right to quietly look upon her with scorn?

Or is she obliged to respec and give it her best shot, for the benefit of the raid?

(And will anyone wonder why she quietly gquits one Tuesday night?)