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Soloing heroic UP and DTK

On the weekend I soloed heroic Utgarde Pinnacle and Drak’Tharon Keep. No surprise that DTK was pretty easy, but h-UP raised a few hairy moments. Trash in both instances was straight forward, so I’ll just chat about the bosses.

Utgarde Pinnacle

Svala Sorrowgrave

I started out in cat form, eager to dps her down as quickly as possible before her air phase. This was probably a bad move, I kind of forgot I’d be stunned during the air phase and would take unavoidable damage from a large sword falling on my head. I’d recommend making sure you are topped up before this phase.

The sensation was beyond my imagining. Or something.

I didn’t actually die, but in hindsight it would have been better to be at full health for the sword. In any case, I killed her in her next ground phase.

Gortok Palehoof

He was a simple fight, tanked the adds and him in bear form. Discovered lots of aibilites I didn’t know the adds had because we always killed them so fast at 80. But nothing worthy of wipeage.

Who even knew the worm mini boss calls adds?

Skadi the Ruthless

This is where things heated up. Skadi’s gauntlet was painful because I had to keep stopping and gathering up the harpoons as I went. The gauntlet adds don’t do a *huge* amount of damage, but you want to be pretty much at full health when you pull Skadi down, so I took it fairly slowly and only took on 4-5 of them at once.

As soon as I had 4 harpoons I positioned myself near the launchers ready for his proximity emote. If I had too many adds up this was messy, as it pops me out of bear form when using the harpoon lanchers. Nonetheless, I ran along and fired each off in sequence and then back to the centre one for a fourth shot to ensure he landed. I then shifted back into bear form and Beserked, to burn all of the adds down while concentrating on Skadi.

It's just you and me, Skadi.

Once the leftover adds died, it’s much simpler. His whirlwind still hurts, I had to run out of that, but other than that it was just self healing through his melee and poison bolts.

King Ymiron

Ymiron was a challenge. The first time I attmpted him, I had him at about 1% when I died.

He has two abilities that  you need to watch for. Firstly Dark slash, which halves your current health. Needless to say, the first time he did that I freaked out. He seemed to do it about once per active phase. Don’t panic, as long as you keep yourself on enough health to wear his incidental damage and Bane, you don’t need to be topped up.

The other ability that may cause you issues is Bane. In 5 mans, we usually did enough damage that we forced him into his RP phases without ever casting it, but soloing him I think he cast it every phase. Basically once he’s buffed with Bane he’ll pulse a shadow damage aura if you do any direct damage to him. That’s not an issue unless you’re on low health, and I always was on low health by the final phase.

One trick I did use was my pvp trinket. I’d brought it with me to try it on Keleseth in UK, so I equipped it and tried it in Ymiron. It will pop you out of the stun he uses when RPing. I got to use it twice by using it on the first and then the final stun. I broke the stun, flipped into caster form and strafed away from him hotting myself. Then I shifted back into bear form when he got close.

Apart from that it’s the usual – kill the ghost adds with aoe (who even knew he did that!?), kite him away from the orbs, and try not to hit him when he’s Baned.

Ronalf of the screaming RP, save me from this heroic.

Drak’Tharon Keep


Care in clearing Trollgore’s room; I got a bit carried away by charging  in there. I got a bit low on health.

Trollgore himself was a simple tank and spank. I did edge away from his troll corpses to avoid being corpse exploded upon, but nothing too dramatic.

Clearing Trollgore's room

Novos the Summoner

Novos bugged out for me. I’m not sure why, but he never popped his dome, and he remained active all of phase one – spamming frost bolts and blizzards, throwing around curses and calling waves of zombies… as well as the usual 4 crystal handlers and undead from the stairs. Of course, he wasn’t polite enough to allow me to retaliate, he was still un-targetable.

This made the fight more difficult than I anticipated, but nonetheless it was the usual: kill the crystal handlers, offtank the rest of the rubbish, then kill him.

King Dred

Dread was fine – I was concerned about his fear and his bleed (that won’t go away until you’re topped off) but it wasn’t too bad. I popped Beserk to break his first fear and that also helped burn down the extra raptors that he called. I tanked him well outside his area, but he called them anyway, so I assume I couldn’t avoid them without clearing his whole space. Popped my mitigation and healing cooldowns as I needed them, and he died fairly quickly.

I don't see anything in my rear view mirror.

After I killed him I just sat and ate to clear his bleed. Curse my feeble feral healing 😉

The Prophet Tharon’ja

Lastly Tharon’ja. Raving, incoherent Tharon’ja. His emotes as usual were his biggest threat. He was the simplest boss in the instance, an easy tank and spank, then dance around as a skeleton, then back to the killing.

THARON'JA! THARON'JA IS ETERNAL!!! sigh. tantrums.

And that’s it for soloing heroic DTK. A lot simpler than UP, which I guess is to be expected, but another one to tick off the list. 🙂