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Quietly busy

I haven’t posted for a few days, but I have been busily updating the blog stealthily in the background.

I’m currently working on a guide to druid healing. Sigh. I know it adds to the huge waving sea of information out there, but my concern is that there isn’t much that’s pitched at absolute newcomers to the spec/class. With that in mind I’m currently shaping up a two part guide:

1. Resto druid healing for absolute beginners: including

  • one sample talent build with a brief rundown of talents,
  • our key healing spells described in plain language,
  • a simple strategy for healing 5 man dungeons, and
  • simply key binding and ui tips

2. Resto healing, the details: including

  • managing mana,
  • tank and raid healing strategies for raids, and
  • setting up raid frames/macros

Not surprisingly, this is taking me a while.

I’ll  post the first part soon (hopefully over the weekend) as that’s nearly done; I just need to add some screenshots and flesh out the last section a little. Writing this to be as short and simple as possible is a challenge, especially when I love the class/spec and tend to ramble when I let myself loose.

The second section I’m mainly writing for self-indulgent reasons. I know there’s already lots of detailed druid guides out there,  but I don’t want my ‘simple’ guide to be seen as all there is, so the need to flesh this out in a second ‘chapter’ compels me.

So in summary: watch this space, especially if you have a friend/alt/offspec interested in dipping toes into the pond of resto druid healing for the first time.